High-quality patient care through optimized workflows 

Lusíadas Saúde, Portugal

Lusíadas Saúde is the third largest private healthcare provider in Portugal. It has 11 facilities (6 hospitals and 5 clinics) and continues to expand across the country. The organization prioritizes excellence in care to provide the best experience possible to its patients.

Lusíadas Saúde first partnered with Siemens Healthineers in two sites in northern Portugal for a patient experience pilot project focused on cardiology. The program evaluated the whole patient journey in detail and redesigned the care pathway strategies to ensure the best patient experience. Siemens Healthineers examined the organization’s processes, including workflow analysis, key performance indicator selection and measurements, staff and patient surveys, and the evaluation and implementation of improvement measures. 

Value Contribution

Redesigned care pathway 

To ensure the best patient experience and patient loyalty

Planed expansion of program

To improve patient experience at all Lusíadas Saúde sites

Staff engagement and training

Increases satisfaction and creates a great working environment



Increase patient satisfaction

Delivering the best patient experience possible and generate a healing environment 

Sustain patient loyalty

Enhancing reputation by generating a pleasant care experience 

Enhance staff satisfaction

Educating staff on patient centered communication to generate a great working and care environment 

  • Long-term patient experience program focused on cardiology at two hospital sites
  • Evaluation of the whole patient journey regarding patient experience, including workflow analysis, key performance indicator selection and measurements, as well as staff and patient surveys
  • Staff training to enhance abilities of patient-oriented communication
  • Improved humanization of the facilities, enhanced scheduling, optimized check-in and check-out, increased accessibility to digital tools, and clear signage to help navigate the hospital
  •  Proposals for external and internal communications with the theme “your experience is our new specialty”

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