Siemens Healthineers and Geisinger Announce Value Partnership to Drive Digital Healthcare

Improving care delivery for patients and the community at

Geisinger Health System, USA

Building on a long-standing relationship in technology enablement and mutual research collaboration, Geisinger and Siemens Healthineers formed a 10-year Value Partnership in the summer of 2020 that aims to further digitalize healthcare and improve care delivery for Geisinger’s patients and community.

Geisinger, having already established itself as a leader in transforming care delivery by pioneering a high-performance digital care environment, will continue to increase their ability to manage data as a strategic asset with the addition of AI-enabled digitalization capabilities from Siemens Healthineers. With an eye always on improving patient care, the organizations are working together to expand patient capacity and improve radiology workflows and workforce productivity through a variety of performance improvement initiatives, while simultaneously upgrading medical technology.

Value Contribution

10-year Value Partnership

To drive digital health initiatives

60% of devices

Will be replaced within the first 5 years of the partnership

Improve patient care and advance capabilities

For the local community and region



Facilitate AI-enabled digitalization

Manage data as a strategic asset to achieve better outcomes at lower costs

Improve performance

Expand patient capacity and improve radiology workflows and workforce productivity

Enhance patient experience

Improve patient care by upgrading medical technology and enhancing capabilities 

  • 10-year Value Partnership to advance and support elements of Geisinger’s strategic priorities
  • COVID-19 Digital Emergence Strategies, beginning with syngo Virtual Cockpit
  • Advance digital capabilities with AI-Rad Companion, AI-Pathway Companion, and teamplay
  • Standardize medical imaging technology with upgraded diagnostic imaging, advanced therapy, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography, and PET equipment
  • Increase workflow efficiencies through operational performance initiatives, and enhance enterprise-wide education with onsite FlexForce coaches

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