Site modernization at university level with optimal cost security

Braunschweig Municipal Hospital

Siemens Healthineers and Braunschweig Municipal Hospital have agreed to enter a technology partnership in the field of ultrasound, under which Siemens Healthineers will administer and manage all ultrasound devices for the next ten years, with an option for 15 years. The partnership will provide a very high level of standardization, high-level capacity monitoring, and the integration of management software in the existing system, in addition to improvements in availability and patient care. As part of this technology partnership, Siemens Healthineers will ensure the fleet of devices continues to reflect the state of the art, and supply around 140 new devices. A financing plan will allow the hospital to plan its costs with confidence.

Value contribution

More than 50 systems

Manufacturer-independent procurement of new systems


RTLS will enable efficient asset tracking and usage monitoring

Optimized patient pathways in intensive care



Manage reputation

Innovation and maximum care at university level

Stay competitive

Planning and cost security for at least 10 years

Increase efficiency

Efficient and economical use

of buildings and simplification of work processes

  • Technology Management: Procurement, replacement, and management of imaging systems for radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy with an innovation guarantee (updates and upgrades)
  • Homogeneous technical structure leads to a uniform operations concept with increased operations safety and shorter examination times, supplemented by continuous training of employees
  • syngo.via enterprise solution provides access to all software applications from Siemens Healthineers
  • Innovation partner for RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS)

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