Evaluating the iron and fat content of the liver is an important step in monitoring early stages of liver diseases.
LiverLab enables non-invasive identification of patients with fatty liver and iron overload already at an early disease stage. This helps to minimize the need for biopsy.

The clinical package comprises a fat and iron screening part (First look Dixon), plus two methods for evaluation, HISTO (voxel based) and Multi-echo Dixon VIBE (image based), and provides a clinical report.


  • Non-invasive evaluation method for liver fat and iron content
  • Fast and reproducible results without post-processing
  • One robust and fast clinical workflow
  • Time and cost savings

General Requirements

  • MAGNETOM Amira
  • MAGNETOM Avantofit
  • Biograph mMR
  • MAGNETOM Prisma
  • MAGNETOM Prismafit
  • MAGNETOM Sempra
  • MAGNETOM Skyra
  • MAGNETOM Skyrafit
  • MAGNETOM Spectra

syngo MR E11

Admonen Dot Engine, LiverLab Dot Engine or myExam Liver Assist required on MRI scanner.

syngo.MR Onco recommended for reading.