ACUSON NX3 Ultrasound System
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ACUSON NX3 Ultrasound System
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The ACUSON NX3 ultrasound system is a powerful platform driven by efficiency and built for performance. With advances in workflow, imaging performance, and upgradeability, this foundational system will help promote your highest levels of performance.




A smart way of scanning

The Siemens ACUSON NX3 offers advanced workflow solutions that aim to deliver consistent, accurate results - even in the most active clinical settings. With up to 28% fewer keystrokes and 3x more user-customizable settings1, the ACUSON NX3 system is faster and more intuitive than traditional ultrasound systems, creating a clinical experience that’s right for you, your specialty, and your patients.

Automate and simplify routine tasks with advanced customization

Designed for ultimate flexibility, the ACUSON NX3 system offers an intuitive user interface with up to 28% fewer keystrokes and 3x more user-customizable settings than conventional ultrasound systems.1

Streamline your processes with workflow innovations

With our exclusive syngo® Auto OB measurements option, routine anatomical measurements can be performed faster than traditional solutions.1

Improve productivity with advanced display and imaging technologies

The ACUSON NX3 system features the largest display in its class (21.5”) as well as a 220° endocavity transducer, which expands your field of view by up to 75%.1 Together, these technologies provide a more complete view of your ultrasound images for a more optimized and efficient workflow.


Performance delivered without compromise

Designed to elevate your daily imaging routine, the ACUSON NX3 system features the latest ultrasound innovations from Siemens. These tools adapt to your dynamic needs by offering enhanced clarity across a wide range of applications. With imaging solutions built for performance, you can approach each exam with a greater level of diagnostic confidence.

Expand your vascular insight with Clarify Vascular Enhancement technology

A unique imaging technology from Siemens, Clarify™ Vascular Enhancement (VE) technology reduces image noise and artifacts in vascular studies, producing exceptional definition that promotes the detection of vascular disease.

Experience high-resolution imaging with Siemens’ unique 16 MHz transducer

Ideal for breast and musculoskeletal imaging, the 16 MHz transducer delivers advanced superficial imaging that supports your disease characterization efforts.

See more and know more with Siemens exclusive transducer technology

The ACUSON NX3 system works to reduce exam inconsistencies and increase your ability to potentially detect and characterize more with its comprehensive transducer library. Our VF12-4 transducer increases linear transducer field of view by up to 32%1, and our new 220o endocavity transducer widens field of view by up to 75%1.


Engineered for the future

The ACUSON NX3 system is a versatile ultrasound platform that’s built to grow with you as your needs evolve. From the intelligent system design to the easy integration of software updates, every feature works together to ensure your system continues to support your imaging needs for years to come.

Experience improved uptime with a modern system architecture

Featuring a state-of-the art digital architecture powered by Microsoft® Windows® 7 and 24/7 assistance powered by Siemens Remote Service, the ACUSON NX3 system offers improved system uptime for enhanced stability and utilization.

Maximize your investment with a scalable transducers portfolio

The ACUSON NX3 system offers fully compatible and scalable transducers, which can reduce your up-front investment by an average of 31%1.

Extend the life of your system with continuous upgradeability

Built with clear paths to upgrades, the ACUSON NX3 system offers easy access to the most up-to-date ultrasound technologies.

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