Siemens Healthineers launches ACUSON Redwood to meet growing demand for cost-effective premium medical imaging services

  • Advanced applications enable precise lesion detection and characterization
  • AI-powered tools help reduce exam burden and increase efficiency
  • Lightweight, portable design allows easy transport and use across clinical departments

Siemens Healthineers in Canada has had its new ACUSON Redwood ultrasound system licensed by Health Canada. The ACUSON Redwood is a new ultrasound system built on the company’s new platform architecture and features advanced applications for greater clinical confidence, AI-powered tools for smart workflows, and has shared services cardiology features used by different hospital departments. Its features, along with a portable and lightweight design, offer clinicians an affordable and efficient high-performing imaging solution. The ACUSON Redwood joins existing members of the ACUSON family - the Sequoia and Juniper - launched last year in Canada.

“There is growing concern regarding the changing demographic of the Canadian population and the impact on healthcare delivery. An aging population presenting with more complex and chronic diseases, and an ever-growing demand on the system is pushing it to its limits,” said René Boyer, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Diagnostic Imaging, Siemens Healthineers Canada. “Such challenges often result in the need for more imaging and additional follow-up, which drives up cost. To meet this challenge, we worked together with input from users to transform care delivery with the ACUSON Redwood. This system is designed to deliver premium image quality, exceptional performance, and greater workflow efficiency within the constraints of limited resources and tightening budgets.”

The ACUSON Redwood’s advanced applications, including Contract Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) and Shear wave Elastography, are available for the first time from the company in this segment and support precise lesion detection and characterization as well as potentially reducing the need for invasive procedures.

A full portfolio of high-performance transducers including compact micro-pinless technology and single crystal transducers support superb image quality. With our coherent image formation (CIF) technology, the ACUSON Redwood maintains B-mode image quality performance even in complex modes and the system’s UltraArt Universal Image Processing provides several image choices right on the touch screen avoiding manual adjustment of multiple image parameters.

With a suite of AI-powered tools, the ACUSON Redwood delivers smart workflows for greater efficiency. Designed to go beyond the radiology department and bring precision imaging to more patients, lightweight and portable with 13 transducers, the ACUSON Redwood is easy to move and delivers premium imaging capabilities to the various clinical departments within an organization, such as radiology, cardiology and OB/Gyn.

Shared Services Cardiology Capabilities
The ACUSON Redwood is a comprehensive shared services cardiac solution. In this environment it is crucial to address the needs of a broad range of cardiac assessments which is why the system includes applications such as syngo Velocity Vector Imaging (VVI) technology, an advanced 2D quantitative tool for assessment of global and regional myocardial motion and mechanics, stress echo with a complete wall motion scoring analysis package and Left Ventricular Opacification (LVO) mode to enable cardiac contrast agent imaging.

With the ACUSON Redwood, Siemens Healthineers enhances its portfolio of systems built on the new architecture platform, joining the flagship ACUSON Sequoia, and the high-performance ACUSON Juniper.

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