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teamplay is a cloud-based network that brings together healthcare professionals in order to advance medicine and human health as a team effort. teamplay creates a global ecosystem, in which physicians, clinicians, and healthcare executives come together to form one big virtual imaging team.

teamplay Home

Focus on essentials.

The Home screen was developed to help you get the most out of your imaging data in a minimum of time. Form follows function with a clear focus on transparency and efficiency. 


Clean and tidy grids make interacting with your key metrics fast and convenient. 

Streamline your workflow. The teamplay user interface puts imaging fleet performance and optimization front and center. Each application helps you tackle a specific task in imaging fleet management.  The Home screen connects you to all teamplay offerings, from current to future applications. 


Compare1,2,3 and collaborate

The teamplay Home screen not only gives you access to your imaging metrics but provides a platform to compare with others. Compare KPIs in worldwide virtual imaging team. Benchmarking1,2 straight from your Home screen.

teamplay Dose

Monitor of dose levels
Dose analytics helps you identify areas of improvement and best-practice exams. All insights in teamplay Dose are based on data extracted from the radiation reports of your scanners.  To analyze findings, focus on time frames, dose amount, and entity of interest, such as scanner, exam type, operator or location.

Identify what causes outliers

Current dose levels as well as deviations from both institutional and national reference levels are displayed front and center on your Home screen. Exams that have exceeded specific dose levels are detailed on the Dose Events page. To explore the root causes of these dose outliers, track details down to modality, body region, operator, location, and exam type.

teamplay Usage

Track your imaging workflow
teamplay Usage helps you monitor the performance of your imaging fleet and track workflow efficiency. To ensure reliable comparisons, all insights are based on data extracted from the DICOM headers of your scanner images. Explore workflow-specific data on patients and exams, or focus on the efficiency and performance of individual devices.


Explore performance issues
Key performance data – the number of patients, exams per hour, and patient change times – are prominently displayed in your Home screen. Identify areas that need adjustment at a glance, and tap down to explore the cause of performance issues. For an in-depth analysis of a performance issue, focus on a time frame, a particular modality type or a body region.

Increase efficiency
To help you optimize the imaging performance of your institution, teamplay Usage provides the insights you need to pinpoint starting points in your scanner fleet and workflow. Explore usage details such as number of patients and exams of particular modalities. View the exam list of a modality of interest to identify starting points for the improvement of workflow or scanner utilization.



teamplay Protocols

Protocols in one place
Protocols gives you a clear picture of protocols installed in your imaging fleet3. Tidy, interactive grids make exploring protocols as easy as a tapping on your tablet. Find imaging protocols in one place. The viewer lets you analyze their details. Focus on a particular scanner (CT) in your fleet, and browse its protocol tree3.


Analyzing and optimizing
The challenges for your imaging fleet change over time, and so do protocols. teamplay makes it easy to identify best-practice protocols and use them to optimize your workflow. To keep track of recent improvements, simply explore the version history. Add annotations for later reference, and distribute protocols with accompanying notes.


Streamline protocol roll-outs
Send particularly efficient protocols to compatible scanners in your fleet, straight from your distribution panel. Save time and resources in your fleet network by distributing protocols remotely.

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1This information about this product is preliminary. It is under development, not commercially available, and its future availability cannot be ensured.

2Availability of Benchmarking option depends on a minimum number of considered subscribers to guarantee customer anonymity and data protection.

3teamplay Protocols supports selected Siemens scanners. Please contact your Siemens representative for more details.