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syngo.via Interactive TourReading as it should be: simple and cinematic

Who likes to read and report with ease, will love the new syngo.via. All favorite tools are centralized in one place. And with the new Findings Assistant, it’s simple to organize findings. To make sure the focus lies on what is relevant. Don’t let your customers operate software. Let them read.

syngo.via. makes the communication with referrers and patients clear and convincing. With the new Cinematic VRT your customers cases look like something from in an anatomy textbook. It only takes one click to create jaw-dropping, easy-to-understand, clinical images in photorealistic quality – for education, publication, and communication.


syngo.via is the intelligent imaging software for multi-modality reading that helps you master growing amounts of imaging data in less time. Work with a clear screen that is tailored to your style of reading, with less clicks and more ease. In short: syngo.via is reading as it should be.

get the most out of your images

Get the most out of your images

With syngo.via, you read your cases regardless of modality in one place. It is the intelligent software that brings together the imaging information you need to make a clear decision.

see what's relevant

See what’s relevant

When you open a case in syngo.via, you see the information relevant to you. You also gain insights from quantification of multi-modality data – for reproducible imaging results in radiology and to reconfirm diagnoses and therapy decisions.

deliver to the point

Deliver to the point

syngo.via reports are clearly arranged and enriched by photorealistic images, trendings and actionable data. syngo.via can easily be integrated into existing information systems – simplifying the distribution of results inside and outside of your department.

Cinematic Renderings

syngo.via for Modality Computed Tomography

syngo.via imaging software provides you with an excellent base for optimal diagnosis and therapy decisions. Its CT Clinical Engines and applications help you to answer the most critical questions in diagnostic CT imaging better than ever.

syngo.via provides you with dedicated tools for a wide range of clinical fields – from cardiovascular care to neurology, from oncology to Acute Care – plus a powerful suite of Dual Energy applications.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Optimize and accelerate your entire MRI workflow, and consistently turn image quality into diagnostic value for your patients – with syngo.via imaging software for 3D routine and advanced reading. It’s the perfect way to make your clinical routine more flexible, efficient, and intelligent.

For example, we have now increased the scope of the syngo.MR General Engine with a new tool to generate computed b-value diffusion-weighted images, helping save scan time and improve diffusion image quality.


Mammography screening and diagnostics entail the reading of hundreds of images from different modalities every day. syngo.via helps you to increase your process efficiency while maintaining a high standard of care. 

Molecular Imaging

syngo.via imaging software can help expand your possibilities in Molecular Imaging decisively: It offers you a complete suite of molecular imaging applications for oncology, cardiology, neurology, and nuclear medicine. With the scope of syngo.via you can facilitate multimodality image fusion, quantification, and reproducibility of results.

Interventional Imaging Angiography

syngo.via imaging software is an ideal solution for an intelligent multi-lab management in interventional imaging. It enables you to access information from a variety of diagnostic modalities in addition to angiography images.

syngo.via for clinical speciality oncology

Discover the 360° view for treatment decisions in oncology. syngo.via supports milestones of the cancer treatment path: from treatment decision to planning to response assessment.

syngo.via for clinical speciality cardiology

syngo.via can help you deliver high-quality cardiovascular care – efficiently. It equips you with comprehensive cardiovascular workflows and applications for evaluating images from multiple modalities.

syngo.via for clinical speciality neurology

syngo.via provides 3D reading tools for threatening diseases in neurology, for example brain tumors, stroke, and dementias.

syngo.via for clinical speciality nuclear medicine

syngo.via provides comprehensive workflows and tools to quantify physiology characteristics in such organs as stomach, lung, kidney, thyroid, parathyroid and others

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