Siemens Academy Day
October 9, Dolce La Hulpe (Brussels)

Siemens Academy Day
Siemens Academy Day
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The renowned Siemens Academy Day has the ambition to connect scientific topics, interesting speakers, customers and healthcare professionals. During the breakout sessions, carefully selected experts bring knowledge and insights, based on new studies or practical examples.

This 6th edition, with central theme “Networking”, will be a grand cru. Do not miss this event and register now!

Program (Accreditation points “Clinical Biology” and “Ethics and Economics”)

13:30Key Note Speaker
Lieven Annemans – Professor Health Economics UGent
Do healthcare networks work?
14:30Breakout sessions part I

Break-out 1
▪ Dr. Annette Thomas, NHS, London UK
Country Wide POCT Connectivity
▪ Prof. José Germano de Sousa, Centro de Medicina Laboratorial, Lisbon, Portugal
End-to-end Automation with a Focus on Patients
Break-out 2
▪ Dr. Romy Gadisseur & Mr Vincent Castiglione, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Liège, Belgium
Urine Sediment Analysis: comparison of three automated analyzers to manual microscopy
▪ Prof. Pierre Delanaye, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Liège, Belgium
Estimation and measurement of glomerular filtration rate
Break-out 3
▪ Dr. Jasper Boeddinghaus, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Basel, Switzerland
Clinical use of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin and the Novel hs-c Assay for early Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction
▪ Prof. William Rosenberg, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK
Application of non-invasive blood tests for liver fibrosis in primary or secondary care

 Breakout sessions part II

Break-out 1
▪ Dr. Luk Buyse, Board member of Diabetes Liga, Belgium
Halt2Diabetes, a Flemish diabetes prevention project, what’s in it for the lab?
▪ Mrs. Felicity Dempsey, Head of POCT Consultancy Services, Dublin, Ireland
POCT Pre- Analytics. Managing the Risks
Break-out 2
▪ Dr. Dominic Harrington, St. Thomas' Hospital, London, UK
The laboratory evaluation of vitamin B12 status: in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
▪ Dr. Joyce van Beers, Centraal Diagnostisch Laboratorium, Maastricht UMC+, Netherlands
Gender Specific reference ranges in coagulation testing
Break-out 3
▪ Dr. Antonio Buño, Hospital Universitario La Paz, Madrid, Spain
Atellica Solution: testimonial
▪ Dr. José Luis Bedini, Clinica Barcelona, Spain
Core Lab present and future. Atellica Solution: a great step forward

18:15Closing Session
Live hacking demonstration: Can it happen to me?
Cyber Threats in Health Care, by Gilles Dufrane & Joris Weyn (KPMG)
19:00Walking Dinner & Networking