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ADVIA® Automation Solutions let you cope with the demanding workloads by combining peak performance instruments with scalable sample management capabilities. This allows hospitals and commercial laboratories to transform their operations and prepare for the future.

Peak Performance

ADVIA Automation Solution delivers peak performance thanks to its test exception management and holistic design processing.

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ADVIA Automation Solution can handle the “what ifs” in your day. It has the ability to manage your workload and get the results completed on time to consistently meet your TAT goals. ADVIA Automation Solutions apply the right principles to deliver reliable results:

  • Single-tube transportation facilitates sample routing
  • Flexible, puck-based system simultaneously handles multiple tube sizes
  • Peak performance analytics with point-in-space technology efficiently manages heavy workloads
  • Optimal synchronization of track, analyzers, and informatics permits superior exception management without affecting capacity for handling routine workloads
  • Predictable, consistent TAT optimizes your workflow
  • Unified process manages your routine and STAT testing
  • Adapts to a variety of workload challenges - from 300 to more than 20,000 tubes per day


Process Efficiency

ADVIA Automation Solution optimizes your process by harnessing the power of your primary tube. You can combine multiple disciplines onto one platform:

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Front-end specimen aliquots are eliminated by the combination of menu, point-in-space technology, and multi-step sorting. ADVIA Automation Solution creates a true core laboratory where operations and knowledge meet.

  • Immunochemistry specimens – urine, serum, or plasma – consolidated without exceptions.
  • Continuous operation – no need to pre-sort, triage, or separate
  • Routine and STAT testing combined into a single process
  • Individual tube management queuing STAT priorities consistently to meet ER expectations
  • Hematology, coagulation, and urinalysis included whenever needed

Extensive Menu

ADVIA Automation Solutions offer one of the key ways in which a lab can achieve maximum efficiency and productivity: by incorporating as many assays as possible into a common track system.

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Eliminate workstations within the lab and streamline processes. ADVIA Automation Solutions consolidate several workstations with a comprehensive onboard menu:

  • Perform more than 275 assays for screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of most disease states
  • Optimize your lab workflow without increasing your staff
  • Reduce your send-out expense while offering a broader menu
  • Expand into areas such as allergy, infectious disease, fertility, and other specialty testing

Capacity for Growth

ADVIA Automation Solutions have built-in capacity to account for significant volume growth. The speed of the clinical automation system and the analyzers (chemistry and immunochemistry) will allow you to easily bring in more outreach business…

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or add on new tests without adding instruments or FTEs. ADVIA Automation Solutions let you handle unexpected occurrence without the need to drastically change what you are doing.

We currently have customers processing from 300 tubes/day to 4000 tubes/day with 1.5 – 2.5 FTEs. Many of our current customers have experienced massive growth without adding any additional FTEs.


Automation is a core business at Siemens. Automate your lab with the confidence that we have the expertise to help achieve your laboratory’s automation goals.

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Every ADVIA Automation Solution is customized to work seamlessly with your selected components. We continue to invest in the future with new software updates, new products, instrument connectivity, and continued R&D investments. Get the results that you have been striving for:

  • Throughput that increases productivity while reducing errors
  • Healthcare IT integration
  • Total hospital design
  • Turnkey implementation



ADVIA Centrifuge Module
New, fast, flexible Centrifugation Module

The new Centrifuge Module meets growing volume and turnaround requirements with its capacity of 72 tubes per cycle yielding up to 300 tubes per hour. The flexible design enables multiple centrifuge modules to be connected, resulting in increased sample capacity per cycle. New features include:

  • The ability to process multiple tube types
  • The flexibility to route tubes based on spin requirements
  • The ease of prioritizing STAT samples
  • The support from a proven design

The new Centrifuge Module quickly and efficiently processes STAT and routine samples in intermixed tubes and caps with minimal attention or intervention by the operator. This module showcases another great example of Siemens innovation that supports peak performance for your laboratory.  

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