Reducing Maintenance with the ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System
Laboratory Dr. Quade and Colleagues GmbH

Working with Siemens Healthineers, Laboratory Dr. Quade and Colleagues GmbH decreased maintenance time for greater laboratory efficiency.

Laboratory Dr. Quade and Colleagues GmbH

A private laboratory that performs approximately 40,000 tests per day. 


  • ADVIA® LabCell® Automation Solution
  • ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System
  • IMMULITE® 2000 XPi Immunoassay System
  • ADVIA Centaur® XPT Immunoassay System
  • ADVIA Centaur® XP Immunoassay System
“The laboratory can now operate the system an additional 40 hours annually because of the reduction in maintenance time. It was easy and smooth to integrate the ADVIA Centaur XPT system into our established routine workflow and IT infrastructure.”  Nicole Beisecker, Lab Technician

Key Outcomes and Benefits:

  • The laboratory gained 40 additional hours of system operation annually by reducing maintenance activities.
  • 10 hours of hands-on time were eliminated because calibrations are automatically performed and new applications are automatically loaded into the system with the 2-D bar-code scanner.
  • All results were within the RiliBÄK-specified ranges, and all intra- and inter-assay precision results met RiliBÄK and Westgard rules and internal requirements.

Laboratory Dr. Quade and Colleagues GmbH Case Study 0.4 MB

Read how this private laboratory worked together with Siemens Healthineers to significantly reduce hands-on maintenance time for its immunoassay analyzers, increasing overall laboratory productivity.

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