Sysmex CA-1500 System
Powerful testing performance with a compact footprint

Sysmex CA-1500 System
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Main Unit780 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (W x D x H)
Sampler580 mm x 280 mm x 270 mm (W x D x H)
Main unitApprox. 75.0 kg (including cap-piercer: approx. 78.0 kg)
SamplerApprox. 9.5 kg
Onboard Capacity 
 39 reagents/controls (including buffer and rinse)
 50 samples (5 racks = 50 tubes) with continuous loading capability
 15 different analytes performed simultaneously
Capacity Supply 
 300 single reaction tubes with continuous loading
 Approx. 120 PT tests/hour
 Approx. 80 PT/APTT tests/hour simultaneously
Bar-code Capability for: 
Sample Handling 
 Flexible mix of sample cups and various primary sample tubes: capped and uncapped
 Automated sample and standard pre-dilution
 Bar-code identification: Automatic positive sample identification
 Continuous-loading of sample racks
 5 sample racks (50 samples); continuous loading
 5 priority STAT positions
 Cap-piercing (optional)
Reagent Handling 
 Reagent recognition: Manual or external reagent barcode identification
 39 reagent/control onboard positions (36 cooled and 3 reagent positions at room temperature)
 4 reagent mixing positions
 Calibration: Automatic pre-defined calibration
Quality Control 
 X-control, Levey-Jennings control
 Multi-rule (Westgard Rule) monitoring

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