Sysmex CA-1500 System
Powerful testing performance with a compact footprint

Sysmex CA-1500 System
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The Sysmex® CA-1500 System, with optional cap-piercing, is ideal for mid-volume laboratories requiring an easy to use analyzer capable of running clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic assays simultaneously. The system features multiple dilution analysis (MDA) for detecting inhibitors during factor assay analysis and accurate sample identification. By offering true 15-parameter random access testing and walk-away capability, the system offers both efficiency and flexibility for your laboratory.

Increases productivity with rapid turnaround time

  • Approximately 120 PT tests per hour
  • Approximately 80 PT/APTT simultaneous tests per hour
  • Detects inhibitors during factor assay testing with multiple dilution analysis (MDA)


Streamlines workflow through intelligent calibration and loading features

  • Saves technicians’ valuable time through simultaneous calibration and routine analysis
  • Features the ability to load multiple bottles or multiple lots of reagents, decreasing preparation time
  • Increases technicians’ productivity with user-defined auto-repeat, re-dilution, and reflex testing


Provides confidence in patient results with safe and accurate sample-handling features

  • Enhances safety and productivity with second-generation cap-piercing (optional)
  • Eliminates manual input and increases safety with bar-code reader for positive STAT ID of patient samples and reagents
  • Ensures correct sample results by accurately identifying samples with bar-code reading at the time of aspiration


Note: Sysmex is a registered trademark of Sysmex Corporation

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