Siemens Day 2014
Take your laboratory to the next level

The Siemens Days aim to provide you with an understanding of the factors crucial to the success of your pathology business. Below please find the presentations from our Siemens Day 2014 held in Melbourne.


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Title: Demographic & Social Change - What it might mean for the future of pathology |

Speaker: Adjunct Professor Bernard Salt, KPMG | 

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Title: The future cost of healthcare: Are there grounds for a new approach to funding pathology in Australia |  Speaker: Dr Sarina Fisher, Centre for International Economics  | 

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Title: The impact of the molecular genetic revolution on routine laboratory testing |

Speaker: Professor Ronald Trent, Prince Alfred Hospital  |

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Title: Building efficient processes between clinicians and diagnostic pathology  | 

Speaker: Dr Keith Joe, Datacom  |

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Title: The Value of Clinical Pathology: Activity Reimbursement, Price & the Quality of Care  |  Speaker: Dr Glenn Edwards, St John of God Pathology  |

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Title: Disruption from the biological and information revolutions - Implications for the future role of laboratory medicine |  Speaker: Dr Michael Legg, Michael Legg & Associates  |

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Title: Update on the Personally Controlled eHealth Record System (PCEHR) | 

Speaker: Dr Michael Legg, Michael Legg & Associates  |

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Title: Cardiovascular disease and novel biomarkers of ischaemia | 

Speaker: Dr David Gaze, St Georges Hospital Medical School, London  |

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