ADVIA Users Group Meeting 2014
Chemistry, Immunoassay, Automation

The ADVIA Users Group Meetings are designed to take your laboratory to the next level by allowing you to stay at the forefront of innovations, exchange ideas with colleagues and gain an in-depth understanding of your analysers. Below you can find the presentations of our last ADVIA Users Group Meeting in Melbourne in 2014.


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Presentations from our guest speakers


Title: Cardiovascular diseases and novel biomarkers of ischaemia |

Speaker: Dr David Gaze, St Georges Hospital Medical School, London | 

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Title: Implementing HIL on ADVIA Automation (chemistry and immunoassay) |

Speaker: Dr Chris Farrell, Laverty Pathology | 

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Title: Urine testing on the ADVIA 2400 | Speaker: Carolyn Millen, QML Murrarie | 

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Title: LabCell Customisation that works | Speaker: Donna Liong, QML Murrarie |

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Title: Title: A month in the life of an ADVIA Chemistry & Immunoassay Laboratory |

Speaker: Graeme Carter, Healthscope Clayton |

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Title: Quality matters | Speaker: Lisa Jolly, RCPA QAP |

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