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A prostate biopsy is usually performed with an MR/US-fusion biopsy meaning that the MR images are overlaid on real-time US images during the procedure in order to target a lesion for biopsy. The urologist must identify where the potential
tumor is located based on the radiologist’s report and the existing MR images.
AI-Rad Companion Prostate MR (FDA 510(k) pending) helps to standardize and ease this workflow by automatically segmenting the prostate and performing volumetry of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is automatically detected and displayed as contour for the radiologist. The volume of the segmentation gland is automatically computed and provided for inclusion in the final report. The results can be exported as a RTSS object which is then used in TRUS-guided biopsy by the urologist.

The follow clinical outcomes are generated by the AI-Rad Companion Prostate MR: