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Our vision

To optimize care pathways with an intelligent decision support system aimed at facilitating diagnosis and therapeutic decisions along disease-specific pathways.

As today’s healthcare delivery system continues to accelerate and evolve key stakeholders from hospital executives to clinicians, are faced with a growing number of challenges in the enabling and sustaining of outcomes-based healthcare. Data overload, interoperability, physician burnout, and overall rising cost of care serve as barriers in the disruption of precise diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment-driven patient outcomes.

Product vision

Keeping patients at the center of it all

Leveraging data integration and augmented intelligence technologies, the solution AI-Pathway Companion with its applications, aims to support your multidisciplinary experts’ team to ease clinical and operational decisions. AI-Pathway Companion applications enable personalized and standardized patient management and offer process improvement insights through analysis of key performance indicators. The AI-Pathway Companion product suite helps in patient-centric clinical and operational decisions along disease-specific care pathways using augmented intelligence, data integration, and insights from cohort analytics.

Our goals for the AI-Pathway Companion product suite:

  • AI-Pathway Companion enables automatic patient-specific mapping along the clinical pathway using evidence-based guidelines4-7
  • AI-Pathway Companion facilitates objective decision-making by multi-disciplinary experts on correlated patient data and preferences4, 6
  • AI-Pathway Companion offers transparent insights into time to diagnosis and treatment8
  • AI-Pathway Companion provides process improvement insights through cohort analysis of performance indicators8



AI-Pathway Companion applications are not commercially available in all countries. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed. AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer is CE-compliant in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC. AI-Pathway Companion Analytics and AI-Pathway Companion Connector are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

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4This function is supported by AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer.

5Prerequisite: “All data is available as required per guideline.”; Feature dependent on quality of input data.

6AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer VA10A supports prostate cancer adenocarcinoma cases only.

7AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer VA10A supports NCCN guidelines. EAU guideline support under development.

8This function is supported by AI-Pathway Companion Analytics.

9This function is supported by AI-Pathway Companion Connector.

10NLP supported languages: English, German