TD-Synergy Laboratory Information System
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TD-Synergy Laboratory Information System
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Manage every lab process using a single, customizable system.
TD-Synergy®* Laboratory Information System provides a powerful solution for managing every aspect of lab operations, from testing, specimen tracking, and result delivery to clinical, administrative, and Quality Control (QC) processes. This highly configurable application can be easily adapted to fit individual workflow requirements, enabling labs to streamline operations and improve overall productivity. The result is lower operational costs and a higher standard of healthcare.

TD-Synergy offers:

  • Complete management: TD-Synergy has been developed to support all aspects of the contemporary lab, managing the quality and integrity of test samples, all phases of testing and result review, and final results reporting, interpretation, and diagnosis.
  • Strong patient security: TD-Synergy consolidates medical data on a single, unified platform, enabling unique patient identification while ensuring privacy in compliance with HIPAA (USA) and other countries’ regulations.
  • Customizable interface: TD-Synergy can be adapted to meet specific lab workflow needs, ensuring that processes such as test prescription, collection management, sample reception, and label dispatching all function efficiently and effectively.
  • Enhanced quality control: TD-Synergy ensures consistency of test results and adherence to laboratory best practices with comprehensive, autoverification rules and alerts that notify staff when to review certain test results.


Multi-site & multi-lab feature, a major feature:
You can manage a group of laboratories of different disciplines, located in different sites, with a single TD-Synergy Laboratory Information System. This ability to share a common consolidated patient file across several laboratories from any client workstation, without compromising patient data confidentiality, is a key benefit, because it allows you to optimize the allocation of test equipment and human resources across your whole group of laboratories, thus saving on associated maintenance costs:

  • Reduction in hardware and associated maintenance costs
  • Easier system configuration
  • Much simpler integration with the Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Faster, simpler software upgrades

Real-time processes and rule-based engine
For actions relating to a predetermined range of conditions, TD-Synergy has a real-time rule-based engine that operates at every stage in the process, from order entry to result reporting.

Any authorized user can define rules easily using logical Boolean expressions. All conditions regarding patients, specimens, test requests or test results can trigger multiple actions, such as:

  • Addition/deletion of tests
  • Automatic comment on results
  • Automatic or mandatory review
  • Insertion of results in a list to be communicated by phone
  • Production of additional copies of result reports

The rule-based system of TD-Synergy helps you to comply with the requirements of quality certification organizations such as the College of American Pathologists and the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute, which requires that any certified laboratory can prove that autoverification rules have been validated and checked before being used for lab production.


Flexible and customizable dictionaries
You can use your custom dictionaries at all stages of the laboratory workflow, for example:

  • Collecting and identifying specimens
  • Checking request redundancy
  • Dispatching work
  • Checking results
  • Generating and communicating reports


TD-Synergy main features

  • Instrument interfaces and result acquisition
  • Interfaces with numerous different analyzer types
  • Sophisticated user-rights management
  • Test request creation
  • Specimen collection and identification
  • Sample and request dispatching
  • Sample storage, routing and tracking
  • Technical and clinical review of results
  • Real-time expert rule system
  • Consolidation and distribution of results
  • Confidentiality of consolidated results for review and display
  • Electronic result reporting (secured email, fax)
  • Quality Control
  • Customizable real-time alert
  • Epidemiology
  • Billing and statistics management
  • Comprehensive and chronological audit trail
  • Quality document management
  • Customization of dictionaries and tables
  • Multi-site and multi-lab management capabilities


Disciplines served

  • Clinical chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Serology
  • Virology
  • Histology/cytology
  • Blood banking
  • Tissue typing
  • Molecular biology
  • Genetics 

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