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Improve patient experience with optimized POC diabetes testing in your practice 

Diabetes is one of the largest global health issues of the 21st century. It continues to grow in prevalence but remains largely undetected.

Point-of-care testing has proven more effective in reducing HbA1c than other testing methods. Face-to-face counseling enables education, helps to engage patients, and leads to increased compliance.

The Atellica DCA Analyzer1 is a compact, portable, and fully customizable POC diabetes testing system that puts fast, quality results right at your fingertips.

To keep pace with the growing diabetic population, healthcare providers need a testing solution that’s fast, flexible, and reliable. Building upon one of the industry’s most trusted technologies for diabetes testing, the Atellica DCA Analyzer can help your care network thrive. Delivering an actionable HbA1c result in minutes allows your clinicians to have meaningful discussions with patients during their visit.

Industry-leading immunoassay technology delivers reliable performance and excellent precision across the entire assay range, ensuring confidence test after test. Expand your diabetes management program to better serve your clinical staff and patients with the Atellica DCA Analyzer solution.

Simplify your workflows and improve patient experience

Offering accurate results in minutes, from anywhere in the testing environment, the Atellica DCA Analyzer is designed to make diabetes testing fast and efficient for patients, providers, and organizations. Small sample size, rapid results, and the ability to process hemolyzed samples mitigate pre-analytical errors and reduce patient discomfort from re-sticks. Built-in patient trend graphs complement patient consultations and aid in clinical decision making to help your patients have a better visit experience.

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Small sample size (1 µL) reduces patient discomfort and reduces risk of insufficient sample

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HbA1c results available in minutes, ensuring timely patient consultation and treatment path

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Patient trend graphs enable immediate review of results to help reinforce treatment plans

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Not affected by hemolyzed samples and can help reduce preanalytical errors