Siemens offers immunoassay, serology, microtiter, molecular, and microbiology testing solutions across a broad spectrum of instruments designed to provide solutions for any size laboratory’s infectious disease testing needs.

Immunoassay Systems
Connectivity Solutions

Choose Siemens for your Infectious Disease serology testing to help reduce your laboratory costs and improve your efficiency.  

  • Choose from a broad menu of fully automated and semi-automated ID tests available, including a full menu of high performance Hepatitis A, B and C tests, HIV tests, and ToRCH and Special ID tests
  • Consolidate your Infectious Disease workload along with your routine immunoassay testing by using Siemens broad menu of fully automated assays
  • Provide rapid, high-volume testing for improved workflow
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity by reducing hands-on time for technologists
  • Increase walk-away time and convenience