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Medical Electronics Portfolio
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In this step, we optimize the results we gained during the development stage from manufacturability and get your solution ready for serial production.

Component engineering

  • Consulting on the best possible selection of components for new designs and redesign projects
  • Standardization based on our component database creates the preconditions for multiple uses and scale effects
  • Adding a component to the database makes it available, with all its properties, for the tools used in development and manufacturing processes
  • We perform regular life-cycle analyses based on the database

PCB design

  • Analog to high-frequency design, including high-voltage, high-current, rigid-flex, and flex design
  • High-speed design, including signal integrity simulation
  • EMC-compliant layout
  • Optimization of PCB structure and selection of the best possible supplier

Test system development – functional testing of medical systems and equipment

  • Physical and electrical design for test analysis
  • Evaluation of fault probability and test strategy development
  • Test equipment planning and development
  • Comprehensive test system solutions, from construction and combining technologies to system function
  • Functional verification and conformity testing and performance of load and stress tests
  • Support for test processes throughout the product life cycle

Rapid production of prototypes

  • Fast-track prototyping to produce an early development/validation sample
  • Preseries and series production using the same manufacturing facilities
  • Technological first sample analysis, qualification process for manufacture, and recommendations for improvement

Production technology for prototypes and series products

  • Best-cost-country production strategy using production facilities in Germany and China
  • Uniform plant, machinery, and processes permit high quality, flexibility, and safety standards at all locations
  • Use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for the production of electronic assemblies and systems
  • Ultramodern production equipment for all necessary stages of the process, from SMT to manual assembly and testing
  • Production processes optimized for small and medium unit quantities