Recent Successes in Nuclear Theranostics Fuel its Growth

Colleen R. Smith, MBA|2018-01-05

A special edition of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine captures where we have been and where we are heading in the field of theranostics.

With more than 630 publications referencing theranostics and theragnostics in 2016 alone, there is clear momentum in this growing area of medicine. Appreciating this opportunity for nuclear medicine, in September 2017, The Journal of Nuclear Medicine published a supplement detailing the history, clinical applications, and future dynamics of theranostics.

This unique edition is a collection of 15 articles highlighting the experiences and impressions of researchers and clinicians working in the field. “As a guest editor, I had the chance to create this dedicated issue on theranostics. Bringing together and sharing our knowledge will only help propel its use. In my opinion, this is nuclear medicine‘s most exciting development since the introduction of PET and PET/CT,” shares Ken Herrmann, MD, chair of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Essen, Germany.

Each article in the supplement is available for review on The Journal of Nuclear Medicine’s website here.