Cerebellar Arteriovenous Malformation – Complicated by Active Bleeding?

Wuchao Li, MD; Rongpin Wang, MD; Hui Song, MD; Chong Tian and Xing Ming
Department of Radiology, Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital, Guiyang, P. R. China

A 17-year-old female patient, suffering from an acute onset of a severe headache for the past 24 hours, was admitted to the emergency department. She neither had neurological symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting or confusion, nor a recent history of trauma. Physical examination revealed a decreased muscle tone in the right lower limb. An immediate cerebral non-contrast CT examination showed a hematoma with peripheral edema in the left cerebellar hemisphere.
A Dual Energy CT (DECT) was requested to further investigate the cause of the hematoma and to rule out active bleeding.