syngo.via for oncology

syngo.via for oncology

With new and improved applications, syngo.via1 enables a 360° view for image-based treatment decisions in oncology.


New applications

Quantitative evaluation of functional tumor response

syngo.MR OncoCare offers a solution for quantitative evaluation of functional tumor response to treatment. It has the potential to allow earlier assessment of treatment response, leading to treatment path optimization and savings of unnecessary treatment costs.
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Efficient and flexible viewing and contouring

In radiotherapy tools are lacking that are designed for multimodality image viewing and contouring. syngo.via RT Image Suite closes this gap. It allows you to leverage your image data to get a clear and comprehensive view of your patient and also increases efficiency with an easy-to-use contouring solution designed for radiation oncologists.

Multi-disciplinary evidence sharing

Communicating and sharing the visual and quantitative evidence of oncological diseases can be challenging to do offline. With syngo.MI Offline Oncoboard being designed to easily share oncological findings in settings such as tumor boards to support sound, multi-disciplinary treatment decisions. Using external storage media like USB for example enables you to quickly start to review a case and share findings on virtually any PC.

Improved applications

One consolidated MR oncology workflow with Easy Reading Mode

Thanks to the new consolidated MR oncology workflow you can now find all functionalities embedded into one workflow. For efficient evaluation of multiple tumor types or lesions, the Easy Reading Mode allows to quickly read through the acquired series.

Assess tumor growth at a glance

Color-coded follow-up VRTs help you avoid time-consuming manual lesion comparison across multiple time-points. The color coding simplifies assessments of tumor volume and trending visible.

Compare mammography images from different sources

Vendor-neutral Link-it enables you to efficiently compare mammography images from Siemens systems and other vendors. No matter whether you are looking at 2D, 3D, prior, follow-up, or current images, the automated ROI location will help you achieve best outcomes.

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1syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options, which are medical devices in their own right.

syngo.via VB10 and the syngo.via VB10 based software options are currently under development, and not for sale in the U.S., China and other countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.