Enterprise Viewing
Enhance collaboration – view clinical results

Enterprise Viewing Solution
Enterprise Viewing

A heterogeneous IT landscape with multiple viewers across the enterprise drives complexity, leading to unnecessary costs and effort for both the clinical user and administration.

Our Enterprise Viewing Solution encompasses a highly scalable Universal viewer. This zero-footprint viewing solution offers secure, enterprise-wide access to clinical images and patient data.

Características y Beneficios

Our Universal viewer offers relevant, easy-to-use tools to support clinicians in fast, comprehensive image viewing. It enables a seamless workflow between viewing and the existing IT system – for example EHR. One viewer translates into a simple way of working.

Fast, secure access to clinical information

Mandated access offers clinicians easy access to data generated by different sources and keeps sensitive patient data secure.

Improved patient care by providing the right, appropriate, easy-to-use image viewing tools

The Universal viewer is easy to use: It offers the relevant tools users need to quickly find and present the right information.

Access patient image data directly in your EHR

The highly scalable solution with interoperability features is ideal for a seamless workflow of your imaging with your EHR.

Extensions to satisfy even most demanding institutions

Whether EHR, desktop or mobile device deployment: The extensions of the Universal viewer meet even advanced requirements.

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