Syngo WebViewer
Mobile access to images - in diagnostic reading quality

syngo.via WebViewer

The Syngo WebViewer1 is the mobile extension of your syngo.via, enabling mobile reading of images with diagnostic-quality graphics and collaboration within the hospital network or on the go2.

The Syngo WebViewer gives not only you, but also your referring clinicians and even your patients access to acquired image data!

As a radiologist, you often need to take a quick look at images in time-critical cases but might not be in the vicinity of a workstation or not even on the hospital campus. The Syngo WebViewer provides you with a comprehensive toolset, presets, and layouts for mobile reading anywhere within your hospital network or at home, for example, making healthcare home office ready!

The Syngo WebViewer is a certified iOS application supporting iPad and iPhone and iPod as well as your favorite browser!3

Enhance Patient Communication

Show your patients their very own images to discuss diagnoses, treatment, and prognosis in an illustrative way.

  • All Imaging at your Fingertips for Bedside Reviews
  • Discuss & Visualize Next Steps in Therapy
  • Amaze Family Members
  • Conference and Share Images with Remote Patients


Now Including Our New Conferencing Tool (VA20)

Start a virtual conference from anywhere on the WebViewer and simply invite anyone for a shared case-review, a tumor board, or a seamless collaboration with fellow physicians!

  • Easily discuss and share images on-screen
  • All usual imaging functionalities are available to you, including our new, Shared Visible Pointer4
  • “Do-not-Disturb” Feature for un-interrupted conversations
  • Simple and secure collaboration with affiliated hospital sites or colleagues on call


Social Distancing

Especially during the 2020 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, social distancing was practiced not just in hospitals but world-wide. Wouldn’t it be useful to still be able to communicate with other radiologists or your patients’ clinicians during times where social distancing might be required? The Syngo WebViewer is your tool to reduce unnecessary contacts with referring physicians, colleagues on call, or clinicians self-isolating at home while ensuring that your patients get the best treatment possible!5


For access with a standard web browser:
Demo-Server Access


For access with an iPad or iPhone:
Download from Apple iTunes Store

Important to know: The performance of the Syngo WebViewer client depends on your network connection speed, the network latency between your location and the server, as well as on the number of active users. In locations farther from for example the server, the performance can be slow. If you encounter a pop-up message stating, “Currently no user license session available”, please wait a few minutes and try again. We recommend a wireless internet connection with a minimal speed of 3.5 Mbits.

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1The application Syngo WebViewer is not for diagnostic viewing/reading on mobile devices in the US. Please refer to your sales representative whether the product is available for your country. Diagnostic reading of images with a web browser requires a medical grade monitor. For iPhone and iPad country specific laws may apply. Please refer to these laws before using for diagnostic reading/viewing. For Japan: Applications on iPhone / iPad / iPod are not a medical device in Japan. Use at your own risk. They are not intended to be used for diagnosis.

2Apple, the iPhone, the iPad, iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

3Prerequisites include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.

4Tools are provided for temporary image-manipulation only and cannot be saved

5Anyone participating in a conference needs to be registered as a syngo.via user. It is at our customers’ discretion whom they would like to give access to the WebViewer and syngo.via.