Atellica Solution Immunoassay & Clinical Chemistry Analyzers
Engineered to deliver control and simplicity so you can focus on driving better outcomes

Atellica Solution Immunoassay & Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Atellica® Solution: flexible, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers featuring patented bidirectional magnetic sample-transport technology; the flexibility to create over 300 customizable configurations; and a broad assay menu with proven detection technologies.

Does sample management, especially STAT prioritization, interfere with your lab’s productivity?

Learn how independent control over every sample impacts operator intervention and turnaround time.

Patented Atellica Magline® Transport: rapid, bidirectional, variable-speed sample transport that gives independent control over every sample, including STATs, pediatric, and special sample containers

Multi-camera vision system with 360° view
designed to reduce bar-code reading errors, exception handling, and operator intervention

Intelligent scheduling software that independently characterizes each sample and manages routine, STAT, and precious samples accordingly

Automated scheduling and delivery of controls and calibrators to all connected analyzers from an onboard refrigerated compartment


Are you struggling to keep up with testing consolidation and rapid growth?

Learn how the Atellica Solution makes it simple to future-proof your clinical lab.

Unprecedented flexibility to future-proof your lab

  • Analyzers can be combined into over 300 customizable configurations including linear, L, and U shapes, providing the flexibility and scalability to meet changing testing demands
  • Can be configured as a stand-alone system and is automation-ready to connect to Aptio® Automation, providing a multidisciplinary total lab solution

Same reagents and consumables
used across configurations and locations for streamlined inventory control and consistent patient results, no matter where samples are tested

More than 30 different sample containers can be used, including pediatric, tube-top cups, and special containers, reducing the number of pour-offs, special handling, and material costs

Does managing lab operations keep you from delivering results?

Discover how the Atellica Solution gives you more time to focus on driving outcomes.

Broad and expanding menu across disease states with proven detection technologies to inform clinical decisions

High productivity per square meter with an immunoassay analyzer that runs up to 440 tests per hour*

Service innovations, including the Guardian ProgramSM and the Intelligent Service Assistant, to maintain system operations at peak performance

Operator tablet provides system monitoring and control and access to live chat, voice, and video remote support via Remote Assistance and built-in system wireless capability

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*Dependent upon test mix.
Service offerings cannot be guaranteed in all countries due to regulatory and other reasons. Service offerings mentioned herein are enabled by Smart Remote Services (SRS).

Aptio Automation is manufactured by Inpeco and is exclusively distributed by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Aptio is a trademark of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Inpeco is a trademark of Inpeco SA.