IMMULITE® 1000 Turbo Assays

IMMULITE 1000 Turbo assays provide results in less than 15 minutes. IMMULITE 1000's fast
5-minute daily startup and the new Turbo software make this a rapid system that's easy to use
and maintain. It's the ideal system for running your STAT protocols and meeting all your other
immunoassay testing needs.

Turbo Assays

  • Turbo CK-MB
  • Turbo Myoglobin
  • Turbo Troponin I
  • Turbo Intact PTH
  • Turbo HCG
IMMULITE 1000 Turbo Assays<br />
  • First results in less than 15 minutes
  • Additional results every 45 seconds
  • True STAT capability
  • Eliminates the need for batch testing
  • Up to 80 tests per hour
  • Real-time monitoring of results and tests in progress on color monitor