Emit II Plus Oxycodone Assay
Enabling early detection of pain prescription abuse

Emit II Plus Oxycodone Assay

EMIT II Plus Oxycodone Assay Performance*

Assay PrincipleHomogeneous enzyme immunoassay
Sample TypeUrine
Sample Volume12 µL (100 ng/mL)
4 µL (300 ng/mL)
Assay Range50—400 ng/mL (100 ng/mL cutoff)
75—1000 ng/mL (300 ng/mL cutoff)
Reagent StabilityStable unopened or opened until exp., when stored refrigerated at 2–8°C
Cutoff Level100 ng/mL and 300 ng/mL
Calibration Range0—1000 ng/mL
Levels0, 100, 300, 500, 1000 ng/mL
Limit of Detection29 ng/mL (100 ng/mL cutoff)
44 ng/mL (300 ng/mL cutoff)
Cutoff Overlap Precision0% overlap between cutoff and ±25% controls
Onboard Reagent Stability4 weeks
Calibration FrequencyAs indicated by QC results


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*Data collected on Viva-E® Drug Testing System and verified from the following sources: verification report, stability report, IFU and application sheets