Atellica Inventory Manager
Real-time Automated Inventory Management

Atellica Inventory Manager
The Benefits of Automating Laboratory Inventory Management

Atellica® Inventory Manager saves time, reduces costs, reduces errors, and streamlines regulatory compliance at Germany’s Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst.

Atellica Inventory Manager one-click check-in
One-click check-in

Check in your Siemens Healthineers RFID-pre-labeled reagents and consumables with one click, so they can go into storage or your analyzer upon delivery. You can also print your own labels to track any third-party consumable in the lab.

Atellica Inventory Manager components
Discard-and-done check-out

Simplify inventory check-in, check-out, consumption tracking, and ordering using cloud-based software and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Atellica Inventory Manager Software
Analyze and automate your inventory

Optimize inventory levels at all times, with automated order processes based on stock usage and customized criteria.

Atellica Inventory Manager components
Atellica Inventory Manager

Improve cost efficiency, and free staff from manual processes with an automated, cloud-based laboratory inventory management system.

Get the right materials at the right time—Atellica® Inventory Manager* provides automated, real-time control of reagents and consumables across multiple locations to reduce costs, save time, and improve lab quality.

Atellica Inventory Manager:

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*Product availability and hardware model varies by country
Siemens Healthineers eCommerce required.
The availability of pre-labeled Siemens Healthineers reagents and consumables varies by country.
§The outcomes obtained by the Siemens Healthineers customer described here were realized in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no typical laboratory, and many variables exist, there can be no guarantee that others will achieve the same results.