ARTIS pheno
Cutting-edge robotic imaging for multidisciplinary utilization in the Hybrid OR

ARTIS pheno with surgical table
ARTIS pheno

Investing in a cutting-edge Hybrid OR prepares you for treating any patient regardless of the condition. ARTIS pheno – the only robotic C-arm system on the market – brings true multidisciplinary capabilities to your institution, enabling minimally invasive treatment across all specialties for maximum room utilization. Thanks to procedural intelligence, ARTIS pheno provides all the support you may need to standardize your workflows for even the most complex cases to optimize clinical operations.

Product highlights

ARTIS pheno: multidisciplinary excellence

Surgical procedures

Standardized surgical workflows thanks to procedural intelligence

ARTIS pheno provides all the support you may need to optimize your clinical operations for even the most complex cases – no matter which procedure.

Perfecting EVAR with procedural intelligence

Our imaging systems help standardize your (f)EVAR procedures by simplifying preparation, permitting fast registration for fusion imaging, guiding stent deployment, and enabling immediate assessment.

Perfecting TAVI with procedural intelligence

Our imaging systems help standardize your TAVI procedures by simplifying image acquisition, automating planning, guiding valve deployment, and enabling immediate verification.

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The statements with footnotes in this document are based on a result of the quoted clinical study that evaluates the procedure. The results are not generated with the actual product version. It is expected, that the actual product version has similar or improved functionality to support the evaluated procedure.

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