Faster TAT, More Uptime, and Reduced Maintenance
Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

Siemens Healthineers high-throughput analyzers and automation systems improved productivity and helped deliver faster, high-quality results to clinicians in this university hospital setting.

The Biomedical Diagnostic Center (BDC)*

  • Serves a local population of 550,000 people.
  • Processes 550,000 orders from hospital and ambulatory patients annually.
  • Performs 3,414,000 clinical chemistry tests annually. 

*The BDC comprises all laboratories of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona.


  • Aptio® Automation
  • ADVIA Centaur® XPT Immunoassay System
  • ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System
  • ADVIA® 1800 Chemistry System
“We can now utilize operator time for more important tasks, such as technical validation, allowing earlier release of patient results. In addition, the system saves operator time through automatic daily quality control management.” Dr. Jose Luis Bedini,
Head of Biomedical Diagnostic
Center Core Laboratory, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona.

Key Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Mean clinical chemistry turnaround time (TAT), including reruns and dilutions, was reduced from 40 to 22 minutes (45%).
  • Mean immunoassay TAT, including reruns, was reduced from 57 to 34 minutes (40%).
  • Decreased manual interventions in the pre- and post-analytical phases using a combination of system and automation features, such as intelligent sample routing and onboard aliquot retention, repeats and dilutions.
  • Throughput increased from 4400 to 5880 samples per day (34%) while the number of analyzers decreased by 30%.
  • Overtime costs were reduced by improving staff utilization, conducting more tests with fewer processes, and minimizing manual intervention.

Clinic de Barcelona Case Study 1.0 MB

Read how Siemens Healthineers worked together with Clinic de Barcelona to increase system uptime and throughput with technology that automated system maintenance and reduced the need for operator interventions.

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