syngo Electrophysiology Guidance

syngo Electrophysiology Guidance


  • Excellent AFib ablation planning through 3D visualization of the individual LA morphology
  • Speeds up examinations for increased throughput
  • Export 3D segmenatation results to EP mapping systems
  • ”One-click“ segmentation of the left atrium
  • Esophagus visualization for reduced risk in AFib procedures
  • Overlay segmentation results onto live fluoroscopy with syngo iPilot  


The standard syngo Electrophysiology Guidance clipping functionality allows you to look inside the left atrium. The pulmonary ostia, the ridge and the left atrium appendage can be clearly visualized. By just changing the clip plane, the posterior vein can be seen by using the same angulation.
Moreover, ablation points can be marked on the mesh for treatment planning or documentation. The results can be superimposed onto the live fluoroscopy with syngo iPilot.

The clipping functionality can also be applied to segmentation results, enabling visualization of the interior surface of a segmented ventricle. Based on a clear view of the anatomy from the inside, the visualization can be used for planning of ablation procedures.

The picture on the left shows visualization of planning points on the 3D volume or on the inner or outer surface of the mesh. These graphical markers allow pretreatment planning on the syngo 3D workstation by marking points on the 3D volume and overlaying them on the live image monitor.

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