ARTIS pheno
As individual as your patients

ARTIS pheno® delivers the right images for preprocedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate assessment – no matter which patient or procedure.

No matter which patient

ARTIS pheno allows you to optimally treat any patient in your interventional suite or hybrid operating room – virtually regardless of patient size, condition, or positioning needs. Optimize intraprocedural quality control and confidently handle each individual patient – thanks to a wide-space C-arm, a flexible isocenter, faster syngo DynaCT scan times, and a permitted patient load of 280 kg (617 lbs) on the multi-tilt table.

Imaging of patients with comorbidity is no issue

  • Faster syngo DynaCT scan times reduce contrast agent
  • StructureScout provides optimized visibility at lowest dose
  • Optimal patient positioning with multi-tilt table and flexible isocenter


Imaging of patients up to 280 kg is no issue

  • Available with multi-tilt table thanks to unprecedented material integrity
  • Easy-float tabletop lets you position patients with virtually no force
  • Wide-space C-arm increases space and positioning flexibility  


Imaging of patients requiring large instruments and devices is no issue

  • Sufficient room to navigate complex imaging setups thanks to wide-space C-arm
  • Flexible isocenter enables unmatched positioning flexibility
  • Full support for third-party surgical tables


No matter which procedure

ARTIS pheno helps you take on the most complex procedures, potentially lower complication rates, and improve the outcomes of procedures. Excellent imaging capabilities, optimal integration into hybrid operating rooms or interventional suites, and unmatched features not only make procedures safer and technically easier – they also increase patient satisfaction and enhance the visibility and reputation of your institution.

Ready for fenestrated EVAR

  • Preparation of CT data for fusion imaging
  • Registration of dataset for fusion imaging
  • 3D guidance during stent deployment and immediate 3D assessment of results


Ready for spinal fusion

  • See up to 10 vertebrae in 3D using syngo DynaCT Large Volume
  • Always on the right path during spine surgery with syngo Needle Guidance
  • Full support for third-party surgical tables


Ready for TACE

  • Assessment of full vessel anatomy thanks to syngo DynaCT 360
  • syngo Embolization Guidance provides one-click automatic feeder detection
  • Evaluation of tumor blood volume via syngo DynaPBV Body 


Ready for paravalvular leak closure

  • Combination for interventional cardiology: ARTIS pheno, ACUSON SC2000 PRIME and TrueFusion
  • Leak is marked in 3D TEE as a ring
  • Fusion of anatomical landmarks
  • eSie Valve models with fluoroscopy
  • Guidewire is crossing the leak through the ring 

Ready for TAVI

  • Better valve positioning
  • Fewer paravalvular leaks, fewer readmissions
  • Potentially less dose and contrast exposure
  • eSie Valve models with fluoroscopy
  • Higher procedural confidence and efficiency 


Ready for iVats

  • One-stop workflow for iVATS
  • Visualize the whole thorax incl. skin
  • Easy needle path planning
  • Laser-guided tumor localization
  • Support of segmented tables 


Ready for endobronchial

  • Excellent 3D imaging to visualize even bronchioles and small tumors
  • Less motion artefacts through faster 3D
  • Easy catheter path planning
  • 3D roadmap for real-time catheter guidance

Because infection control matters

ARTIS pheno is the first imaging system designed to support your infection control measures. Seamless covers, anti-microbial surfaces, sealed tableside modules, an uninterrupted air flow due to no ceiling mounted components, and a comprehensive cleaning concept help you maintain the highest standards for infection control – so you can be at the forefront of this important topic.

Maintain the highest infection control standards

  • Smooth and antimicrobial surfaces provide passive infection control
  • Sealed tableside modules offer intuitive and comfortable operation
  • Internal cable guidance improves clean conditions and simplifies cleaning


CleanGuide – Comprehensive cleaning concept

  • Recommendations for cleaning agents promote optimally clean conditions
  • Guidance for optimal cleaning procedures enables validated results
  • EnCompassTM brings comprehensive infection control to your hospital


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