The Paediatric Molecular Imaging Network (PMIN) 2024In Copenhagen

About the meeting

Join us for the Paediatric Molecular Imaging Network (PMIN), on the 5th-6th September, 2024, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

About the Paediatric Molecular Imaging Network

The aims of the Paediatric Molecular Imaging Network are to facilitate communication, and to provide an infrastructure for exchange of knowledge and experience, between hospital sites performing paediatric PET-CT(/MRI), SPECT-CT and conventional Nuclear Medicine examinations.The network will arrange meetings, both in person and online, covering clinical, technical, and practical topics, through presentation, discussion and departmental visits at specialist paediatric MI departments. The network will also aim to facilitate research and optimisation projects between paediatric sites.

About the meeting 

  • A key aim of the first meeting is to bring MI specialists from the UK and Nordics together to meet in person and be introduced to the other delegates.
  • This meeting will include topics such as optimisation of CT protocols, total body PET, PET/MRI, SPECT and conventional nuclear medicine, together with hands on sessions at the scanner, and a tour of Rigshospitalet’s Clinical Physiology & Nuclear Medicine and PET departments, with a focus on paediatric facilities and practices. 
  • We will also hear about Mary Elizabeth's Hospital - Rigshospitalet for Children, Teens and Expecting Families, which is planned to open for patients in 2026.

There will be an evening dinner on the 5th September.


All healthcare professionals working with paediatric molecular imaging are invited to join this network and meeting. There will be specific focus on technical and practical topics, highly relevant for technologists, radiographers, physicists and doctors. 

Practical details

  • Date: 5th-6th September 
  • Location: Auditorium 1, Copenhagen University Hospital – Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej 9, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English

The program is currently in development and will be made available once it is completed.


Registration is not yet available. However, you can already register your interest by sending us an email.

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