Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind
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Enjoy unmatched confidence in owning your ecoline system – with our rigorous 5-step Quality Process, 1-year warranty, and guarantee of spare part availability for a minimum of 5 years.

A pre-owned Siemens system does not automatically become ecoline - it has to earn it.
Every ecoline system therefore undergoes our 5-step Quality Process via the original manufacturer.
As an ecoline owner, you can delight in value and performance comparable to a new system.

The only thing better than a pre-owned Siemens system?
A Siemens ecoline system.

To ensure safety and effectiveness, the ecoline systems have to undergo a 5-step Quality Process of refurbishment.

We refurbish following the IEC PAS 63077 standard which leads to the high quality of ecoline systems.

Our 5-step Quality Process fulfills the IEC PAS 630771 for refurbishment as well as the ISO 13485 standard ‘Quality Management System for Medical Devices’. Siemens Healthcare’s Quality Management System is certified by TUEV2 in regard to the requirements of ISO 13485.

In addition, the requirements of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are met, as certified by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance).

Be proud of being an ecoline owner

Take delight in unrivaled peace of mind.


  • Rigorous inspection of selected pre-owned Siemens systems
  • Worn parts replaced with original spare parts
  • TÜV certified quality management system
  • SGS certified environment, health and safety processes
  • Spare part availability for a minimum of 5 years
  • 1-year warranty



Put through its paces
Only the best pre-owned systems qualify for the ecoline family. To fulfill the high requirements, every pre-owned system is first carefully selected.

  • Configuration of the system
  • Upgradeability of software and hardware status
  • Service history verification
  • Maintenance and warranty history


Smoothly transferred
Once selected as an ecoline candidate, the pre-owned system is carefully de-installed and delivered safely back to Siemens to become part of the ecoline family.

  • Thorough inspection at the customer's site
  • Professional and non-destructive de-installation by trained personnel
  • Shipping in original packing material
  • Transportation with utmost care


Qualified as ecoline
Refurbishment for us involves more than simply replacing worn parts. It also means reliable lifetime extension and value enhancement delivered with the passion of the original manufacturer. Every selected pre-owned system undergoes a rigorous Refurbishment Process – it truly earns its place as part of the ecoline family:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and painting
  • Thorough components and subsystems checks
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Software updates based on current hardware
  • Refurbishment Process with tailor-made configurations
  • Complete system check with original test equipment and procedures as with a new system
  • Application of quality certificate and seal


Prepared to perform
An ecoline system stands for quality and performance for its owner. Its lifecycle starts at its new home under expert supervision. 

  • Transportation and installation by qualified service providers
  • Start-up and system performance check at the customer‛s site
  • Application training tailored to customers’ needs and system configuration  


Traceable reliability
ecoline systems have an unbroken pedigree and are proud of their origins. Warranty as for a new system goes without saying - this delivers uncompromised peace of mind.

  • Warranty typically equivalent to a new system
  • Spare part availability for a minimum of 5 years
  • Flexible financing solutions and service contracts
  • Worldwide Siemens Healthineers contact partners

1IEC PAS 63077: The international Electrotechnical Commission is an international standards organization. In 2016 they published the IEC PAS 63077 - the Publicy Available Specification for Good Refurbishment Pracitces for Medical Imaging Equipment. It describes and defines the process of refurbishment of used medical imaging equipment and applies to the restoring of used medical imaging equipment to a condition of safety and effectiveness comparable to that of new equipment.

2TUEV: Technischer Ueberwachungsverein (Technical Inspectorate)