Automate with Experience. Get Results.

Automate with Experience. Get Results.
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Aptio® Automation solutions are customized and delivered by Siemens Healthineers and engineered and manufactured by Inpeco. Our collaboration combines expertise in workflow analysis, project management, and ongoing customer support with intelligent clinical diagnostic and automation technologies to help you achieve your business and healthcare goals. This alliance between leaders in their respective fields enables us to bring enhanced automation features to market faster for labs of all sizes.

Inclusive solutions for a rapidly changing healthcare landscape

Siemens Healthineers designs track-based automation solutions that combine clinical disciplines, test methodologies, and instrument capacities. By collaborating with Inpeco, we can provide an expanding range of options in analyzer connectivity. Inpeco has already established 50+ interface connections for seven clinical specialties from multiple vendors to Aptio Automation. Please consult with your local Siemens Healthineers representative about non-Siemens analyzer interfaces that may be available in your region.

Custom solutions to support the next generation of mega-labs

Inpeco aggressively pursues innovation and possesses the flexibility to deliver highly customized solutions. Siemens Healthineers understands how to drive clinical workflow excellence and delivers expertise in the management of very large projects. Working together since 1998, we have enabled some of the biggest automated laboratories in the world to achieve their production targets, ensure high-quality results, and exceed their business goals.

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