ADVIA 1800 Chemistry System
Pushing the limit of productivity

ADVIA 1800 Chemistry System
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The ADVIA 1800® Clinical Chemistry System pushes the limit of productivity of the core lab and meets the turnaround-time (TAT) goals of today’s laboratories. Its extensive and growing menu allows integration of general clinical chemistry testing with testing for drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), special chemistry and specific proteins like Cystatin C and CardioPhase® hsCRP.

The ADVIA 1800 Clinical Chemistry System is an ideal solution for mid- to high-volume chemistry analysis. Featuring intuitive new software and capabilities, it’s designed to deliver power and speed to meet the most demanding performance needs. The ADVIA 1800 System moves laboratories to smarter chemistry testing.


Automation ready design

  • Point-in-space aspiration offers connectivity to a track, VersaCell or rack handler without robotics or special hardware
  • Redundant sample loading for built-in backup and easy handling of non-routine samples
  • Direct sampling from track prevents detaining tubes at analyzer and reduces aliquoting 

Peak productivity

  • Throughput of up to 1,800 tests per hour provides the speed to keep pace with workload peaks
  • 200 Basic metabolic panels per hour to meet turnaround-time demands
  • Automatic Sample Retain technology provides the ability to perform reruns and dilutions without the need to retrieve primary tubes
  • Consolidation power with a comprehensive menu, consistent cycle times, speed and open application capability

Total system reliability

  • Minimal-maintenance ISEs
  • Robust hardware and simplified software design, with automatic calibration validation and tracking
  • Advances in reagent onboard stability, calibration frequency, interference reduction and assay linearity expansion
  • Direct water connection
  • Remote diagnostics and ILQC (Inter-Laboratory Quality Control) options

Easy efficiency

  • Large onboard reagent capacity and optional concentrated reagents reduce interruptions
  • High-resolution touchscreen delivers push-button operation
  • Reagent pause capability and onboard Sample Pause button make loading easy
  • Minimal maintenance requirements, including no-maintenance oil bath
  • Sample integrity checking, including serum indices reporting, short sample flagging and clot detection, reduces manual intervention


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