Cios mobile C-arms
Bring imaging to the patient and prevent contamination

Cios mobile C-arms for lung imaging COVID-19

Staging and monitoring of pneumonia patients
Chest radiography may help to stage or triage pneumonia patients quickly and may help to monitor the progression of the disease.1 This is in particular important for patients who should not be transported through the hospital to prevent contamination.

Cios mobile C-arms – an option for lung imaging2,3
Cios Alpha and Cios Spin can provide high-quality chest digital radiography (DR) images. The systems can be moved easily into front-door staging units as well as into ICUs. Cios user interfaces are designed for optimal usability in stressful situations. Cios mobile C-arms can be positioned flexibly according to the imaging needs in standing, sitting or lying patients. The systems offer antimicrobial coating, smooth and closed surfaces and approved cleaning and draping protocols. In addition, Cios Spin provides 3D imaging suitable to guide pulmonary interventions4.

Cios Spin

  • More certainty in demanding cases
  • More efficiency in intraoperative 3D
  • More cost-effectiveness in surgery

Cios Alpha

  • Excellent images, right dose
  • Easy handling, smooth workflow
  • Extended capabilities, smart growth

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1Pan et al. Intensive Care Med 2020; 46:573-575;

2SHS Mobile C-arms are not specifically designed for COVID 19 diagnosis

3SHS mobile C-arms may be used for chest digital radiography in emergency situations if portable x-ray is not available.

4Gildea et al. J Bronchol Intervent Pulmonol 2020; 27:153-155;