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Somatom go.Up
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SOMATOM go.Up is a price effective modern and precise CT scanner. It offers intelligent integration of hardware and software controlled via a new intuitive user interface, letting you focus on your patient instead of operating the scanner.

  • Standardized results for precision treatment
    with quality features that provide automated patient modeling.
  • Simplified daily simulation work
    with the innovative guided simulation workflow. Simply GO with Green to the next step.
  • Affordable solution for simulation and diagnostic use
    with a modern system equipped with quality components and Radiation Therapy relevant software features, making it an ideal for everyday routine.

Eigenschaften & Vorteile

Klinische Anwendung

Reinventing CT simulation with SOMATOM go.UP – a highly flexible, intuitive CT simulator that we designed in collaboration with over 300 RT specialists – radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, RTTs, and financial decision makers – to give us insights into your world. The result is a groundbreaking approach to CT simulation. It will give you everything you need to achieve the ultimate starting point for optimal RT planning, and will help you produce the most successful outcomes possible.

Standardized results for precision treatment

New technologies and innovations are often not available for affordable CTs

  • Modern treatment techniques require precise RT planning but the latest solution might not be available for affordable CTs
  • Many patients have metal implants that can significantly impair image quality
  • Using one kV setting across the board will not deliver optimal image quality for every patient.
  • Precision for OAR contouring with AI-Rad Companion Organs RT.

Poor image visualization effects the quality of contouring making results not suitable for precision treatment.

Your benefits with the SOMATOM go.Up

  • Precise target contouring with optimum kV imaging and a single calibration curve thanks to DirectDensity1
  • Confident tumor visualization thanks to automated metal artifact reduction with iMAR1
  • A straightforward 4D workflow thanks to comprehensive Respiratory Motion Management1


Simplified daily simulation work

60% of RT incidents are caused by manual operation and data exchange1

  • Successful CT simulation needs efficient and fail-safe workflows
    Different people process the data at different workstations during each stage of the process
  • Reproducible patient positioning in the treatment setup requires accurate patient marking
    Moving from station to station interrupts the simulation workflow

The CT simulation workflow is cumbersome and error-prone.

Your benefits with the SOMATOM go.Up

  • Intuitive and guided CT simulation thanks to GO technologies
  • Seamless and less error-prone processes thanks to the new mobile workflow
  • A new patient-marking solution. GO with Green

Affordable solution for Simulation and Diagnostic use

Latest RT functions and innovations are not always available

  • Detector and tube technology might be old
  • Modern and Intuitive workflow unavailable
  • Flexibility for shared use limited
  • Service contracts doesn’t contain hardware replacement
  • Cybersecurity update not regular

The SOMATOM go.Up is equipped with quality technologies for Simulation and Diagnostic use.

Your benefits with the SOMATOM go.Up

  • Quality components
    Stellar Detector
    Chronon tube
    Tin Filter
    SAFIRE – iterative reconstruction
    2071/3071 kg RT Patient table (TG-66)
    Multi-index RTP Overlay1
  • Advance Service Plan1
    Always up-to-date (incl SW and HW)
    Flexible learning

Technische Spezifikationen

Bore size70 cm
FOVsFOV 50 cm / HD FOV 70 cm
Acquired slices/reconstruction slices32/64
Rotation time0.81 ,1.0, 1.5 s
Table load227/3071 kg (TG-66 compliant)
System footprint4 m2/43 ft2 (surface area covered by gantry and moving table top)
Min. room requirement12 m2 / 130 ft2


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