Biograph RT Pro edition
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Biograph RT Pro edition
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Utilizing only anatomical information in radiation therapy planning poses challenges in differentiating between non-viable and viable areas of a tumor, as well as the ability to visualize the entire disease.1 This may result in target volumes that are too small, leaving cancer cells untreated or target volumes that are too large which can expose healthy tissue to radiation. The clinical information provided by PET/CT imaging helps overcome these challenges by enabling the physician to more easily distinguish between metabolically active tumor regions and areas of necrosis. This supports greater precision in target volume definition, allowing physicians to improve dose escalation while avoiding healthy tissue.

Biograph™ mCT family with its finest volumetric resolution2 reveals variation in metabolic activity through tumor volumes in the head and neck, allowing for modern radiotherapy techniques such as dose painting. Biograph mCT Pro edition offers metal artifact reduction that is fully integrated in the PET/CT imaging workflow with iMAR3 (iterative metal artifact reduction), which can be used to improve images obscured by metal, such as dental fillings and be used for PET attenuation correction.

One major hurdle when treating lung cancer with radiotherapy is that the tumor often moves throughout the respiratory cycle. When planning lung cancer patients it is important to have the most accurate information concerning the tumor’s motion. Biograph RT Pro edition allows for time, phase and amplitude based gating providing better resolution for better tumor delineation, thus enabling the radiation oncologist to better escalate the dose.

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2Based on volumetric resolution available in competitive literature for systems greater than 70 cm bore size. Data on file.

3HD FoV Pro, iMAR, t-MIP, Twin Beam Dual Energy, ADMIRE and syngo.via for MI with advanced RT features are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.