Right Approach to Radiation Dose Management
Safety. Balance. Transparency.

Right Approach to Radiation Dose Management
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Transparency across your imaging fleet

In response to the increase in medical imaging procedures and the rising complexity of exams under image guidance, the U.S. has introduced new regulatory guidelines. The rules require institutions to monitor and report radiation dose values, and to increase efforts to ensure that all staff use the right amount of radiation.
The Council of the European Union and the Joint Commission have revised requirements for diagnostic imaging standards. Organizations aim to comply with these while still focusing on their core objectives.

Our holistic, simple approach to documenting, analyzing, understanding, and optimizing dose performance across your imaging fleet will help you comply with these regulations. Our data transparency means you can easily access information on dose values.

teamplay1 helps users comply with the rules and provides tools for data management.

Four steps are all it takes:

Step 1: Immediate data availability
teamplay Dose enables users to analyze dose performance without any configuration process. Data is extracted from a variety of different sources like secondary captures, structured reports, and images. The information is then immediately made available in the UI for all X-ray-based modality types.

Step 2: teamplay Dose data analytics
With teamplay Dose users have access to dose-related data. They can filter and slice data to identify opportunity for dose improvements for, but not limited to: modality type, modality, protocol, dose unit.

Step 3: Dose performance improvement
Significant impact on dose performance can be achieved by managing protocols. teamplay Dose allows users to measure the dose performance on a protocol level including its statistical distribution and to continuously improve dose KPIs.

Step 4: Outlier management
teamplay Dose quickly identifies outliers and offers benchmark measurements. Internal thresholds or national reference values may be linked and adjusted to local protocols. By opening the detailed view, specific information about the distribution and the scans exceeding the reference values are listed. Thus, performance can be evaluated and improved and incidents can be minimized.

Find out more information about teamplay here.


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1Please contact your Siemens representative whether teamplay is available in your country.