With Remote scanning assistance to support our customers staying operational

Keeping operational!Remote scanning assistance with syngo Virtual Cockpit

We support in this period of global uncertainty

Remote configuration of diagnostic imaging equipment helps reduce staff exposure to infectious patients.

Siemens Healthineers wants to support you as partners and customers, employees' friends and families in order to "flatten the curve" and support Healthcare systems in this period of time. With social distancing being seen as one of the most influential measures to do this, Healthineers’ teams have worked together in order to find a way in which we can support in this endeavor by staying operational and keeping up your patient throughput.

For this we provide increased global access to our remote scanning assistance technology, in hopes to bring you some relief.

Even in times of staff shortage and high workloads, you can provide your examinations at all your locations – because your experts are available everywhere. Patients can be provided access to nearby scanner sites and they can be scheduled quickly with shorter wait time.

One option we offer is a 3month trial license for syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite.

1. syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite2
Individual CT, MRI and PET systems which have access to syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite2 (single-scanner remote access) will have unfettered access to trial licenses, available for the 3 months with potential to extend on request.

We offer special access to the full syngo Virtual Cockpit software and provide free implementation until the end of 10/20.

2. Full syngo Virtual Cockpit software2
Sites with multiple CT, MRI and PET systems will be offered special access to the full syngo Virtual Cockpit software (multi-user multi-scanner remote access). We will provide free implementation3 of the current solution until the end of FY204.

syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite allows access to one scanner at a time using Expert-i.

syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite (single-site, single-scanner)

  • Remote scanning assistance for access to one scanner at a time using Expert-i
  • For CT6, MR, MR-PET, PET/CT scanners1
  • syngo Virtual Cockpit Lite is available as a free of charge trial version


syngo Virtual Cockpit allows  multi-site access with up to three scanning workplaces simultaneously

syngo Virtual Cockpit (multi-site, multi-scanner)

  • Real-time knowledge sharing
  • Live video, audio, and chat functions
  • Simultaneous collaboration with up to three scanning workplaces simultaneously
  • For CT6, MR, MR-PET, PET/CT scanners1


Can we support you?

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