syngo.via FrontierBridge the gap in post-processing translational research

With syngo.via Frontier1, you can explore the potential of advanced post-processing prototypes that are seamlessly integrated with your routine syngo.via system. syngo.via Frontier also enables you to easily implement your own algorithms and connects you directly with other key opinion leaders and the Siemens Healthineers development teams2.

Eigenschaften & Vorteile

syngo.via Frontier – Now powered by the Digital Marketplace!

With our newest syngo.via Frontier software version we are now providing access to the Frontier prototypes via the Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace, for an easier and more consolidating access, transforming the Marketplace into our one-stop-source for innovation access!

Users can browse, download, and manage the prototypes they like best using the Digital Marketplace by simply creating a free account and completing the registration.

Additionally, the newest syngo.via Frontier is open for the development tools of your choice to enable you to easily implement your own algorithms in you syngo.via, strengthening your research portfolio and giving you the tools to create what your need to enhance your workflow! Afterwards, make your research prototypes available to a wider audience on the Digital Marketplace as well to consolidate your position as a key opinion leader in your field!

Because prototypes can now be managed through the Digital Marketplace and are installed right on your syngo.via, an additional hardware purchase is completely obsolete, helping you save on procurement and maintenance costs!

COVID-19 Header Visual

Our reaction to Covid-19: The CT Pneumonia Analysis prototype

Because we recognize how important it is for our customers to access any form of help, so that they can fight COVID-19, we have added our new, AI-powered “CT Pneumonia Analysis” prototype to our Frontier portfolio. The interactive prototype is designed to automatically identify and quantify hyperdense regions of the lung, enabling simple to use analysis of lung CT scans for research purposes, which can be employed on lung scans of patients affected by COVID-19. The prototype is available for download on the Digital Marketplace.

Get a Glimpse of the Future!

syngo.via Frontier allows you to strengthen your clinical opinion leadership with an easy access to numerous post-processing prototypes that are seamlessly integrated with your routine syngo.via environment. The Digital Marketplace, your one-stop-source for research prototypes, innovative partner applications, and new software by Siemens Healthineers, is continuously enriched with new content!

  • Access from any syngo.via client
  • One workplace and a similar user interface for research and clinical tasks


Create & Share Innovation 

syngo.via Frontier is now open to external development software! Create your own prototypes in our syngo.via post processing environment using the tools you like best! You don’t have a development software yet? The complementary Frontier Development Kit provides you with all the state-of-the-art integrated solutions to translate clinical requirements into programming language! This enables you to rapidly transform your clinical ideas into tangible prototypes.

Simply use the development kit of your choice:

  • Integration of portable applications
  • Integrate your own “.exe” prototypes
  • Use a simple interface for your existing prototype
  • Easier productization of prototypes with different developer environments (3D Slicer, CT iPipe, C++, C#, itk/vtk, …)

With syngo.via Frontier, we are making close cooperation between physicists or programmers and clinicians via a common platform easy! Use the free Frontier Access to integrate your own interactive or non-interactive prototypes in your syngo.via or make them available on the Digital Marketplace for other Frontier users to download and review, and a wider audience to explore to establish yourself as a key opinion leader in your filed!

Join the pioneer community 

A syngo.via Frontier comes with prestigious access to the Frontier User Forum and the Frontier Development Forum, an exclusive global network of clinicians and researchers – the ideal platform to share your ideas in prototype development and bring your research activities closer to a trusted industry partner!

  • Fruitful interaction with other institutions and key opinion leaders
  • Global visibility for research activities
  • Possibilities to test and validate new developments on a large scale, up to a multi-center approach
  • Direct access to Siemens Healthineers R&D
  • Easier validation of prototypes



Create your own, innovative research prototypes with the tool kit of your choice and share them on the Digital Marketplace for all other syngo.via users to see and fellow syngo.via Frontier users to download and use as well.

Creating Innovation and integrating prototypes in syngo.via Frontier is possible with the following programming languages:

  • Python
  • C/C++/C#
  • Java

Alternatively, use the Frontier Development Kit to quickly transform your clinical ideas and needs into innovative prototypes. As your Siemens Healthineers representative for more information regarding obtaining the Development Kit!


On the Digital Marketplace, we provide an ever-growing variety of research prototypes for our customers. To see which ones are currently available to our users, what they do, and how they work simply visit the Digital Marketplace.

For a quick overview, please refer to the list below:

Multimodality Radiomics

Simplifying radiomics studies through analysis of quantitative image features

Multimodality 3D Printing

Enables the segmentation of individual anatomical structures from CT or MR datasets to generate files for 3D printers

CT Cardiac Risk Assessment

Provides analysis of visceral, subcutaneal and pericardiac fat of non-contrast CT data

CT Cardiac Function Analysis

Functional analysis of the heart and its compartments from different CT acquisitions and datasets

CT Coronary Plaque Analysis

Volumetric quantification and differentiation of lipid, fibrous and calcified plaque from single and dual energy CTAs.

CT Skull Unfolding

Enables fully-automatic unfolding of skull and pelvis that aids in the detection of fractures and bleeding

CT Pneumonia Analysis

Identifies and quantifies hyperdense regions in the lung to support pneumonia diagnosis