Nexaris MR
Optimiert die Behandlung von neurochirurgischen Patienten

Nexaris MR
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Als Teil der Nexaris Therapy Suite kombiniert Nexaris MR hochwertige MRT-Technologie mit dem MAGNETOM Sola und MAGNETOM Vida2 mit hochmodernen OP-Lösungen. Im Ergebnis bedeutet das: hochqualitative und detaillierte Bilder, Lagerung und Transport des Patienten – sicher und effizient sowie kosteneffiziente und flexible Lösungen für Raumgestaltung und OP-Tische.

MRT-Unterstützung in der Neurochirurgie kann die Behandlungserfolge bei Hirntumoren deutlich verbessern:

  • Zeigt im intraoperativen Einsatz Resttumore bei 65% der Patienten.3
  • Maximiert das Resektionsergebnis und erhöht so die Überlebensrate um bis zu 55%.3
  • Erlaubt eine fünffach höhere Rate kompletter Resektion im Vergleich zu rein konventioneller Chirurgie.4


Eigenschaften & Vorteile

Nexaris MR for MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida2 combines premium MRI technology with state-of-the art OR solutions. Resulting in highly detailed image quality, safe, efficient patient set-up and -transport, as well as cost-effective and flexible solutions for siting and OR tables.

Excellence in imaging

MRI-guided neurosurgery with MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida2. Siemens´ top-of-the line MRI systems for optimizing your neurosurgical procedures – before, during and after surgery. For example, better access and more satisfied patients due to 70 cm Open Bore, short system length, and light-weight coils.

Efficiency in workflow

For easier, more comfortable patient transfer and flexible patient positioning in surgical head clamp with Nexaris Dockable Table5.

  • New Table User interface with push button functions
  • Folding handles on both sides
  • 55 mm of space below transfer board height for flexible patient positioning
  • 2 extended-length OR side rails
  • Lowest height position: 56 cm
  • Robust and easy to clean

Flexibility in neurosurgery

Flexible neurosurgery options with a choice of compatible OR Tables.

Getinge Maquet Magnus 1180.131

  • Available for Nexaris MR
  • Segmented tabletop
  • Available with fixed or mobile columns
  • Open OR procedures
  • Intraoperative MR imaging only

Getinge Maquet Magnus 1180.121

  • Available for Nexaris MR with PILOT
  • Flat tabletop
  • Available with fixed or mobile columns
  • Open OR procedures and Hybrid OR procedures
  • Intraoperative MR, Angiography, and CT imaging available

Effectiveness in operation

Easy siting and integration of MRI systems with different room solutions.

With their small footprints, MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida2 are easy to site and quickly integrated in your intraoperative setting.

Being a complete, yet flexible solution, Nexaris MR provides great versatility to fit your needs and ensures optimal use of your facilities.

  • Two-room siting scenario: Combine one operating room with one MR room open for routine diagnostics.
  • Three-room siting scenario Possibility to have two operating rooms combined with one MR room open for routine diagnostics.

Klinische Anwendung

Nexaris MR allows for MRI in the Neuro-OR setting with a smooth patient transfer to and from the MRI system. Intraoperative MR imaging provides valuable information that might change your surgical strategy.

Top-of-the-line MRI systems and OR tables

Nexaris MR can be configured to your needs: You can integrate MAGNETOM Sola or MAGNETOM Vida2 with the Maquet OR table of choice from Getinge1.

Clinical images

Discover superior MRI visualization of brain morphology and function and benefit from intraoperative MRI applications.

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1The information shown herein refers to products of 3rd party manufacturer’s and thus are in their regulatory responsibility. Please contact the 3rd party manufacturer for further information.

2This option for MAGNETOM Sola and Vida is pending 510(k) clearance, and is not yet commercially available in the United States. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

3Kuhnt, D. et al. (2011). Correlation of the extent of tumor volume resection and patient survival in surgery of glioblastoma multiform with high-field intraoperative MRI guidance. Neuro-Oncology, 13 (12), 1339-1348.

4Roder, C. et al. (2013). Maximizing the extent of resection and survival benefit of patients in glioblastoma surgery: High-field iMRI versus conventional and 5-ALAassisted surgery. EUR J Surg Oncol, in press.

5Nexaris Dockable Table is pending 510(k) clearance, and is not yet commercially available in the United States. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.