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Quiet Suite
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Address the cause, not the effects.

The main source of MRI acoustic noise is the gradient coils. Rapid switching of the gradients generates significant mechanical vibrations, akin to a jackhammer or a loudspeaker at a rock concert. To effectively reduce noise beyond what can be achieved by conventional methods (e.g., gradient insulation, force compensation), the cause of the noise – sharp gradient switching – must be addressed directly. The challenge lies in developing a solution that is effective and intelligent, without compromising image quality or scan time.

Today, QuietX1 has been realized for TSE, SE and GRE sequences. QuietX works to provide the best possible gradient trajectory through intelligent summation of gradients and reduction of slew rates, while keeping timing parameters within the same range. The results are significant reductions of acoustic noise and smoother, more pleasant sounds without significant impact on image quality and scan time.

1May not be commercially available in countries outside the U.S., future availability cannot be guaranteed.