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Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is the measurement of the serum level of a drug to ensure its concentration is within the therapeutic range. A drug's serum therapeutic range or index is the concentration range in which the drug is known to be effective while causing little or no toxic effects to the patient.


Levels of certain prescription medications in the bloodstream can be a serious health concern for patients and healthcare professionals alike. By testing levels of medications in a patient’s bloodstream, physicians can monitor and adjust the prescribed dosage to help ensure a drug’s safety and efficacy.


Siemens offers a comprehensive panel of TDM assays, including ISDs, allowing greater consolidation of testing onto one system. Siemens' TDM assays also deliver needed performance, giving laboratorians confidence in reported results. Assays are performed on productive and adaptable instruments, ensuring greater throughput and flexibility.

Assay ADVIA Centaur® and ADVIA Centaur® CP Systems Dimension® EXL and Xpand® Plus Systems Dimension Vista® System IMMULITE® 1000 and IMMULITE 2000 XPi® Systems ADVIA® Chemistry Systems Viva-E® and V-Twin® Systems2
Amikacin   X2 X2     X
Caffeine   X2 X2     X
Carbamazepine X X X X X X
Cyclosporine X X X     X
Digitoxin X X X X1    
Digoxin X X X X X X
Disopyramide           X
Ethosuxamide           X
Gentamicin X X X   X X
Lidocaine   X X     X
Lithium   X X   X  
Methotrexate   X2 X2     X
Mycophenolic Acid   X       X
NAPA   X X     X
Phenobarbital X X X X X X
Phenytoin X X X X X X
Primidone           X
Procainamide   X X     X
Quinidine           X
Sirolimus   X       X
Tacrolimus   X       X
Theophylline X X X X X X
Tobramycin X X X   X X
Valproic Acid X X X X X X
Vancomycin X X X   X X

1: Not available on the IMMULITE 1000
2: Syva Emit® assays

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