UFC - Ultra Fast Ceramic

UFC - Ultra Fast Ceramic
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Security screening

Recently security has become a major issue at airports for baggage control, in public transport and other public locations such courtrooms, embassies and the like. Backscatter X-ray machines that look beneath the clothing can detect hidden weapons, explosives, or illegal substances. Here, fast detector speed is of great importance – UFC is the perfect choice.


The huge volume of cargo passing through airports and cargo controls at harbours, can occasionally be daunting, slowing down processes and causing inconvenience to both passengers and staff. Table-top systems equipped with fast detector technology can speed up screening and enables fast throughput.

Food and packaging

Quality assurance and testing are critical in the food industry. Contaminant issues can adversely affect brand image, long-term success of a company and consumer safety. Food processing and packaging requires ongoing analysis of foreign particles (e.g. metal, plastics or glass splinters) and broken or insufficient filled packets.

Recycling and sorting of any kind

Through the use of our UFC scintillator material, X-ray technology can identify what is in materials of any kind, sort regardless of their color and contamination, and recycle them. With this technology, substances can be separated according to their atomic weight and density. This makes it possible to separate elements of a material into different material types.


Wood and furniture industries

Non-destructive evaluation is becoming more popular in the wood and furniture industries, as precious resources need to be managed carefully and efficiently. Furthermore, various attributes of wood panels largely determine panel end-uses. New design and manufacturing techniques require improved performance and strength of wood panels – which correspond to their density distribution. Automated non-destructive analytical techniques give insights into wood and fibre properties, such as density, allowing a more cost-efficient approach to wood exploitation and furniture production. UFC scintillation materials are robust in handling and fast – boosting your production and your outcome.