Interventional Oncology
Image-guided solutions for interventional oncology

Interventional Oncology
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Investment in cancer care

 "With the installation of Artis zeego, we are now able to offer interventional oncological procedures to patients with more advanced and difficult diseases – in areas where we have not treated them before. As a result of this, we can expand both our experiences and our services."

Prof. Dr. Vogl, Head of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Frankfurt, Germany
Read more in the interview with Prof. Dr. Vogl in our Customer Magazine 0.5 MB

(AXIOM Innovations, Issue No. 10, November 2009)

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The importance of interventional oncology for the University Hospital of Frankfurt

The investment in the latest imaging technology such as Artis zeego

The influence of syngo DynaCT on the daily workflow at the University of Frankfurt

Our image-guided solution portfolio provides a solid foundation for a viable interventional oncology program, andfor broad-based savings in general. It creates value in a number of ways:


Improved resource planning
Applications such as syngo DynaCT can improve resource planning through better allocation of individual procedures for the appropriate room. Moving needle procedures from the CT to the interventional suite, for example, frees up the CT room for conducting other diagnostic examinations.


Significantly faster procedures
syngo DynaCT can speed up chemoembolization and SIRT procedures by eliminating the need for patient transfers to a CT system – both before and after the procedure. Overall procedure time can thereby be reduced by as much as 40%*, as studies have shown.


Enhanced interventional offering
Expanding an interventional radiology program to include interventional oncology procedures offers medical facilities the attractive prospect of increasing their case mix and patient base – not to mention, added revenues.


Equipped for the future
Designed for hybrid utilization, the systems of the Artis zee family enable clinics to quickly adapt to new imaging scenarios in the future as their needs change.


Our customer care program Life covers a series of service offerings that help customers get the most
out of their Siemens investment – over the entire life cycle of the product. Proactive services such as our Guardian Program are designed to secure a high level of system availability.

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