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Artis floor family for cardiovascular care.

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Around the globe, the number of image-guided minimally invasive interventions in Interventional Cardiology is steadily increasing. This is because, among other things, these procedures put less strain on the patients, therapy times are shorter, and patients recover faster. To meet the growing demand, you need an angiography system you can rely on – one that is the perfect fit.

A perfect fit: Artis floor angiography systems

Our Artis floor family is a perfect fit for the entire spectrum of image-guided cardiology. Whether it’s the clear image quality, ultra-low1 dose, seamless connectivity, intuitive operation for easy use, reliable uptime, or small footprint: Each system supports you in diagnosing and treating patients effectively and efficiently – and in successfully tackling an increasing workload. Choose the Artis floor system that fits your needs across the cardiovascular spectrum. And make a smart investment that fits your business strategy.

Designed to deliver outcomes that matter to patients:
Artis floor family for cardiovascular care – a perfect fit.

Minimum footprint. Maximum coverage.

In hospitals, space is often limited and valuable. Make ideal use of even small cardiac cath labs with our Artis floor family. Thanks to their small footprint and compact, slimline C-arm design, they fit into rooms as small as 25 m2 – without compromising cardiovascular procedures. At the same time, Artis floor systems offer 2.10 m patient coverage from head to toe and ceiling-like flexibility – allowing you to perform any cardiovascular exam.

A perfect fit even for small spaces

When implementing a ceiling system, a cardiac cath lab usually requires about 45 m2 of space, a certain room height, and a reinforced ceiling. All our Artis floor angiography systems fit into cath labs as small as 25 m2 – hazzle-free.

Stephan Achenbach on angiography system Artis one
“Space is always limited in a hospital – in every department, wherever it is in the world. Therefore it is an advantage when a new or additional angiography system requires as little space as Artis one.” Prof. Stephan Achenbach, MD,
Chairman of Cardiology,
University Hospital Erlangen, Germany

The full range of cardiac angulations.

You can only treat what you can see. And being able to see any device and anatomical structure in any patient and at any angulation is one of the main challenges in interventional imaging. Artis floor family supports you in seeing the fine anatomical details and moving objects – at ultra-low dose, for any patient size, and at any angulation.

A perfect fit for every cardiac angulation

When performing minimally invasive interventions, you need image guidance. Each of our Artis floor angiography systems delivers clear images at low dose, even at steep angulations – thanks to effective dose protocols and slimline collimator housing. What’s more, you can perform the full range of cardiac angulations with ceiling-like flexibility. See for yourself!

Reliable. From the ground up.

In cardiovascular care, system downtime means more than just loss of revenue: It can endanger the lives of patients. Investing in our Artis floor family is an investment in proven reliability. Our on-site and remote services support you in optimizing your equipment’s performance and help accelerate your daily operations. In addition, our Guardian™ Program helps maximize your Artis floor uptime through real-time system monitoring, AI-based prediction mechanisms, and proactive services – to detect and correct errors before they even occur and turn unplanned downtime into planned activities.

A perfect fit supported by a smart service

Optimize your system’s uptime: Our Guardian™ Program remotely monitors your medical equipment, detecting system deviations before an event occurs. Maintenance can then be planned when it’s convenient for you. This translates into systems with a higher uptime, scheduled service operations instead of unplanned downtimes, and the ability to fully focus on your patients during interventions.

Hit the ground running. Fast.

Besides the capital investment and operating costs, installation also has to be considered when acquiring a new angiography system. For a floor system, there’s no need to install high-strength ceiling rigging or other system-related ceiling components. This means lower costs and less time compared to a ceiling-mounted system. Opt for fast installation times and minimal impact on laminar air flow – with our Artis floor family.

Increase profitability from the start.

From fast-changing technological developments to newly emerging procedural techniques – the face of interventional cardiovascular care is constantly evolving. You need a system that meets your requirements today and tomorrow. Whether you’re looking for a fast return on investment, access to the latest clinical applications such as vFFR, future upgradability, smart room usage, reduced lifecycle costs, or easy fleet management: Our Artis floor family is the perfect fit.

A perfect fit for fast return on investment

Artis floor angiography systems allow you to break even fast. Seize the opportunity for your cardiac cath lab to pay off quickly. See for yourself!

Return on investment with Artis one in Germany

A perfect fit for fast return on investment – example from Germany

Generate returns with only 40 PCIs a month or 2 PCIs per working day. This calculation is based on German reimbursement schemes and operating costs of Artis one with a Sensis recording system and service contract.*

* Data on file.
Return on investment with Artis one in India

A perfect fit for fast return on investment – example from India

Break even with 47 procedures a month or only 13 interventional cardiology and 34 diagnostic angiography examinations a month. This calculation is based on Indian reimbursement schemes and operating costs of Artis one with a service contract.*

* Data on file.
Artis floor angiography systems enhance efficiency

A perfect fit to enhance efficiency

ARTIS icono with Case Flows lets you enhance efficiency through standardization. Case Flows are a sequence of system settings to match diagnostic steps and the treatment pathway. Benefit from faster workflows thanks to procedural intelligence with minimal user interaction.
Artis floor angiography systems cover broad procedure mix

A perfect fit for a broad procedure mix

Artis one offers dedicated tools in 2D and 3D to support cardiac, general vascular, and peripheral procedures. For example, it covers the whole coronary workflow, from diagnosis and real-time image guidance to assessment of procedural outcome using ClearStent, ClearStent Live, and HeartSweep. This eases procedures and supports you in saving time and contrast media.

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